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2019 in Review: Check out Disposables rated 5-stars by Artists

2019 in Review: Check out Disposables rated 5-stars by Artists

February 27, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

We're back with more 5-Star rated products from 2019! This time we're highlighting the unsung heroes - Disposable Tattoo products don't often get the glory, but they're a key part of your setup and tear down. When they do their job, it's easier to do yours! (Ratings are based on reviews posted by artists like you).

EnviroNize® Natural Cleansing Wash

A simple, effective, cleansing and rinsing solution that can be used on your client before, during and after tattooing. The 473ml bottles are perfectly sized for use as wash bottles and even fit a Nalgene spigot and cap. A truly versatile solution; try using Environize during breaks to reduce redness and swelling - this will help your client sit longer, and ensure you get that redness-free photo at the end of your session.

Now available in 140ml bottles! Perfect for selling as an aftercare option to tattoo and piercing clients!

Made in Canada

RinseCup CleanUp 180g Bottle

RinseCup CleanUp

It's quickly become an artist's best friend! Simply squeeze a small amount of RinseCup into your rinse cup and ink caps, wait until the liquid solidifies, and toss in the trash. No more leaking trash bags or carrying contaminated water through the shop. It's also great for cleaning up those nasty ink spills - RinseCup makes clean-up quick and easy!

Bactine Numbing Spray - 105ml spray bottle


Bactine Numbing Spray relieves the pain and itching associated with tattooing, on contact, while also helping to prevent skin infection by effectively killing germs. Artists love it because it's a great, cost-effective way to keep their clients sitting longer.

Dynarex Absorbent Pads 4x7 inch

Dynarex Pads

Available in 2 sizes, the 4x7 inch Dynarex Absorbent Pads are getting 5-Star love from many artists. These non-stick pads don't adhere to the skin, allowing for easy removal without damaging a healing tattoo. Tiny perforations on the underside allow excess ink and plasma to be absorbed without drying out the fresh tattoo. Finally, an absorbent pad for tattooing, from a medical company!

Anchored Stencil Solutions - 8 oz Bottle

Anchored Stencil Solution

Nikko Hurtado's Anchored Stencil Solution produces clear, crisp lines so that your stencil is a more accurate representation of your original drawing. Artists constantly tell us that Anchored is the perfect choice for sealing in stencil and freehand drawings. Most importantly, it holds up for hours while you're working, right down to the very last line of your stencil.

Spirit Classic Thermal Paper

What's there to say about Spirit Classic Thermal Paper?

It's the industry standard for a reason! With high-visibility purple dyes, ripstop stencil sheets and a special coating to protect your clothes and hands, Spirit uses only the best quality materials to produce clear, sharp stencils that last for your entire tattoo session. Check out the 5-Star rated 100ft roll; perfect for those larger stencils and pieces.

The next time you're browsing the Eikon store, remember to take a minute to post a review of the product(s) you've purchased and are using. When you're shopping at the Eikon store, watch for items with the 5-Star rating to see what you may be missing.

The Eikon Team

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