American Ordering Info


Please Note: Your order will ship from a US warehouse, so you never have to worry about additional duties, sales taxes or other customs fees. For more ordering information please click Here

Payment Methods:

All orders shipped to the USA will be processed in American Dollars



You asked for it... you got it!  PayPal is now available.

Please click here for information on how to open a PayPal account.


Credit Cards

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

To process a credit card order, we require the name of the cardholder, billing address and CVV (card verification value code).



Payment can be made by Certified Check or International Money Order (payable to Eikon Device Inc.).

Note: All Money Orders must be International Money Orders, cashable in Canada.

If a COD order is refused and returned to Eikon without payment, the customer will be responsible for the shipping charges and the outstanding COD fee.  Future COD orders may not be processed until these fees have been paid. 

All COD orders are subject to a COD fee of $11.00 in addition to regular shipping charges.