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ArtDriver - Spanish Ink Precision

ArtDriver - Spanish Ink Precision

November 13, 2019   |   By The Eikon Team

You’ve seen them in our Social Media posts, you’ve seen them at conventions, and now’s your chance to see them up close and personal. The ArtDriver machines have arrived in the Eikon Store.

Today’s blog post will focus on their latest innovation, the Z3 machine. Based in Spain, ArtDriver machines have quietly been doing their thing for 4-5 years, originally gaining popularity through their S-Power and F-Power Machines. Their newest machine, the Z3, is the result of extensive research and development, a unique machine with the power of a bull, and the agility of a high-end pen. The Custom Direct Drive brushless motor will push anything you can throw at it, while still playing nice with smaller groupings.

Technicalities and Spaces Oddities  

Let’s get a bit technical here, and take a look at the features that make the Z3 a machine that may fit perfectly into your current machine arsenal. Manufactured in Spain, ArtDriver machines are known for their lightweight ruggedness, sleek ergonomics, unique aesthetic, and some very cool innovations:

Zero-G Excentric

Not your average 3.8mm stroke wheel! ArtDriver has redesigned the Zero G using larger bearings for increased durability and stability.  Paired with a custom Maxon motor that reduces vibration, you’ll enjoy improved precision and less hand fatigue.

Twist & Rigid Bar System

You can easily adjust the amount of give you need for each job by using either the robust Rigid Bar, or the longer more flexible Twist bar - both are included with the Z3.  The Twist bar acts like a coil machine spring, backing off while still providing the force you require. If you prefer a harder hit with increased intensity, make a quick switch to the Rigid bar - ArtDriver makes it easy.

Customized Brushless Maxon Motor 

The Z3’s brushless Maxon motor has an integrated circuit and sensors that adjust to the pressure you apply to the skin, providing reliable control over the machine as you tattoo. It works with a magnetic field to reduce friction and vibration, prolonging the motor’s life and increasing your comfort while you tattoo.

Mineral Charged Body

Built using a durable PPS material that’s reinforced by a mineral charge and fiberglass, the body of the Z3 is built to withstand high heat and the occasional drop (you know, life in the shop). Unlike the S and F Power series, the Z3 body is fully enclosed, making it easy to clean. You can choose from Clear, Tinted, and Opaque versions.

A true maintenance free machine 

With no maintenance really whatsoever, the only care required for this machine is the sterilisation after use. No-Oil, No-lube. Simple as that. The enclosed and almost impenetrable body gives you piece of mind, while the sanitary aspect of the Z3 is close to perfect.

This machine is for the people who like the feel of a pen style tattoo machine but love the “classic” grip feel. You can use both traditional needles and cartridges with this puppy.

Dont take our word for it

Artdriver may be relatively new in North America but there is a long list of artists that found them before we did. Check out just some of the work being done with Art Driver Machines by the ArtDriver Proteam

Simone Marchi

Luis Bonilla

Jee Sayalaro



While all the perks mentioned with the Artdrivers machines will get you a great feeling right from the start, the hardest part might just be to choose you color.


To find the Artdriver Rotary Machine, take a look at our rotary machine section




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