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Avoid Frozen Ink! Tips for Shipping Ink in Winter

Avoid Frozen Ink! Tips for Shipping Ink in Winter

February 5, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Shipping tattoo ink in the winter months can be like a game of Russian roulette. Between prolonged extreme cold warnings and unpredictable snowstorms, you never know how your order's journey is gonna go. Here in the Great White North, we know only too well, so we do what we can to help - EVERY ink order shipped between November 1st and March 31st, leaves the Eikon Warehouse packed with at least one 72-hour heat pack. We've also got some handy tips you can follow to make sure your ink gets to you safely and unfrozen because friends don't let friends freeze their ink!

The heat is on... Yeah, it's on the street...

Make friends with your Meteorologist

Weather apps and the Weather Channel can sometimes be your best friend. Use them. Keep an eye on the weather in the days leading up to your pigment order and try to avoid shipping during, or just prior to an extreme cold warning.

Insider info: Companies like Eternal Ink take winter shipping seriously and won't ship us our order during an extreme cold warning. They want to ensure we get it safely, so we can get it to you safely.

Order Before Hump-Day

Depending on where your shop is located in Canada, most ground-ship orders take on average from 1-2 days* (Ontario and Quebec), 2+ days* (Saskatchewan, Manitoba) and 4+ days (Alberta and BC)*. Take this into consideration when placing an order that contains pigment. If you order on Monday or Tuesday, shops in most provinces will likely get their order before the weekend. Placing your ink order before Wednesday, greatly reduces the risk of having it sit in a cold UPS truck over the weekend.

Hot Tip: If you're placing an ink order later in the week and don't want it to ship until after the weekend, just drop our customer service team a line and they'll happily schedule a future ship date!

*Click HERE to see the time in transit for your shop

Use Express Shipping

Free Ground Shipping can be a thing of beauty unless of course, your ink freezes in transit... Consider paying for Express shipping when placing a pigment order in the winter months. The faster we can get your ink out of the cold and into your shop, the better. Most Express-shipping options are so fast you'll be able to use our 72hr heat pack as a hand warmer long after your ink is on your shelf.

Hot Tip: UPS Express orders never sit on a cold truck, and if the order stops for any reason it's kept indoors.

Stay cool, and keep warm this winter.

For a list our of our full Shipping policies click HERE

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