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The Best of 2019: 5-Star Rated Tattoo Pens

The Best of 2019: 5-Star Rated Tattoo Pens

March 17, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Let's talk about Tattoo Pens! We're hitting you up with more 5-Star rated products from 2019! Whether you've already made the switch, or are still coming to grips with putting down your trusty coils, you should definitely consider some of these pens when making your next machine purchase. Don't just take our word for it, these pens were given 5-Star reviews by tattooists.

Cheyenne Hawk Pens in six colours

The Hawk was at the forefront of the Pen resurgence and has stayed firmly on top of the "must-have" lists of many artists, even in its 6th year. The Hawk Pen is one inch wide from grip to tip. The weight is evenly distributed throughout, making it perfectly balanced and comfortable to use. The workhorse in many arsenals, Hawk tattoo pens can be counted on to line, shade and pack color.

One of the great features of the Hawk Pen is that you can purchase both autoclavable and disposable grips. The (disposable) D-Grips come in three unique options: 1 inch, Round and Long, helping you find the most comfortable grip for your machine.

"I've been in love since she arrived! Light, quiet, versatile - I'd marry it, if it was legal!' - Jody , Woodstock, ON

Why Buy from Eikon?

Eikon offers you the Cheyenne Warranty Exchange Program. This loaner program keeps you working, if or when something goes wrong with your machine. It's kinda like a built-in insurance policy; no need to ship your Hawk Pen back to the manufacturer, we'll take care of that for you. We'll also send you a loaner machine so you can still work while your pen is in the shop.

Xion Frost and Cosmic Storm Pen

FK Irons Spektra XION Tattoo Pen

I don't think we have to explain to you why the FK Irons Spektra Xion received 5-Star reviews from artists. It's easily FK Irons’ most innovative and versatile rotary machine to date, providing you with more options and choices than other brands. The Xion not only has interchangeable stroke-lengths, but it also provides you with the ability to adjust your machine's give. The 12-step give adjustment can be adjusted from hard to soft, and pretty much anywhere in between. Although heavier than the Hawk and Proton Tattoo Pens, the Xion is well-balanced, making the added weight almost unnoticeable while tattooing.

Like the Hawk Pen, the Spektra Xion gives you the option to purchase both autoclavable and disposable grips. You can choose from the Standard 1.25 inch grip, go up to the 1.50 inch Gorilla grip, and of course down to the 3/4 inch slim grip (autoclavable option only).

"Smooth, strong, consistent, a pleasure to tattoo with!" - Donovan, Pointe Claire, Qc

Why Buy from Eikon?

We proudly stock Spektra Xion tattoo pens in four color options. If we don't have a color you're looking for, we can get it for you. Call, email or chat our Customer Service Team to learn how.

Kwadron Equaliser Proton MX Pen

Kwadron Equaliser Proton MX Tattoo Pen

The Equaliser Proton MX may be one of the lowest-priced tattoo pens in the Eikon store, but since when is that a bad thing? Proton Pen users love this workhorse of a machine, and that it's slightly back-weighted, giving it the feel and balance of a more traditional style tattoo machine. Perfect when first making the switch from traditional rotaries to tattoo pens.

The Proton MX is powerful, and we've often heard it compared to a NeoTat machine in how it runs and hits. Like NeoTat machines, this can put added stress on the internal return spring, so Kwadron redesigned the Proton Pen to allow you to replace springs that wear out or break over time.

"It is perfect to start using a pen machine and make that transition from conventional rotary machines" - Eric, Pointe Claire, QC

Bishop Wands: Liner, Packer & Shader

Bishop Packer Wand - Tattoo Pens

The Bishop Wand series of tattoo pens may be the newest kid on the block, but it didn't take long for them to make an impact. Bishop decided to launch not one, but three new pens that take advantage of two different motors and three stroke-length options. Of the three, Bishop Packer Wand seems to be the most popular model. Equipped with a 4.2mm stroke, as well as a higher torque motor, the Packer Wand was designed to let artists switch between black and grey, and colour-work with one machine. It can also knock out fine to bold lines when called upon.

No colour options or added grips are available at this time, but we expect we'll see something in 2020.

"Great all around machine. Very powerful, definitely packs a punch. Reminds me a lot of the V6" - Jordan, Grand Falls, Windsor

That's all for this round. To learn more about the line-up of Pens we currently carry, check out our "Let's Get Penwise" blog. The next time you're browsing the Eikon store, remember to take a minute to post a review of the product(s) you've purchased and are using. When you're shopping at the Eikon store, watch for items with the 5-Star rating to see what you may be missing.

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