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DRAW ALL MONTH | 2020 Edition

DRAW ALL MONTH | 2020 Edition

November 30, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

The year was 2020, life was moving along just fine...When suddenly... well, watch the video.

So, we put our heads together (virtually, in a socially distant way) and thought about how we could shake off the sour taste of 2020….then it came to us:

A. Whole. Month. Of. Drawing.

You heard it right. During December, with a little help from our friends, we will be giving away a shit load of gear to artists.

Here’s the deal:

2020 was tough enough, so instead of making you jump through hoops to win something, we’re keeping it simple. If you placed an order with Eikon in 2020, you automatically have a chance to win a draw prize. That’s it. Every order you placed in 2020 counts, including December.

You need to know two things:

  • First, there are over 23 draw prizes!
  • Second, our warehouse elves will be putting stocking stuffers in random orders daily for the entire month of December!

The big draws will happen on December 7th, 14th, 21st and 31st. Mark your advent calendars! Scroll to the bottom of the blog to see this week's draw.

We want to thank you all for sticking with us, especially in 2020. Without you, there’d be no us. Please keep checking back for our prize announcements.

We also want to thank our friends at Cheyenne, True Tube, Solid Ink, Fusion Ink, InkEeze, and Glamcor.

Draw#1 – December 7

Winners Draw No.1

  • Tim A., AB – Reveal (Light)
  • Conrad P., AB – Horitomo Set
  • Melyssa R., ON – 60 Color 1/2oz Set Bundle
  • Dale B., NS – Soapopular Bundle
  • Glen R., MD – Inkeeze Bundle
  • Dale M., ON – ES500 + Gem Footswitch + Cord

Draw#2 – December 14

Winners Draw No.2

  • Nathalie D., QC – Sol Terra + Grip
  • Andrew W., QC – Chris Garver Set
  • Grace A., ON – Soapopular Bundle
  • Danny A., NS – 60 Color 1/2oz Set Bundle
  • Dustin L., AB – Inkeeze Bundle
  • Tim R., ON – ES500 + Gem Footswitch + Cord

Draw#3 – December 21

Winners Draw No.3

  • Michelle F. - AB - Glamcor Creator
  • Joel M. - BC - Solid Ink - Victor Chill Set
  • Kelcei J. - MB - Soapopular Bundle
  • Dave W. - ON - Fusion 60 Color 1/2oz Set Bundle
  • Stephany M. - AB - Inkeeze Bundle
  • Alexandre L. - QC - ES500 + Gem Footswitch + Cord

Draw#4 – December 31

Winners Draw No.4

  • Kimberly H. – NB – Sol Nova + PU4
  • Saga A. – AB – PPE Pack
  • William W. – ON – Tim Hendriks & Horitimo Sum
  • Bill A. – ON – Arm Rest Bundle
  • Jessica D. – BC – Ultra X
  • Anthony C. – MD – Helix
  • Edith C. – QC – ES500 + Gem Footswitch + Cord

Congratulations to All!

Happy New Year!

The Eikon Team

About the Author

Eikon Device was started in 1994, working out of a small garage, manufacturing the first needle specifically designed to meet the needs of tattoo artists. That started an odyssey of research and development that has seen many advancements in tattoo equipment including four generations of Eikon meter/power supplies, the Tru-Spring Armature Bar system, Griffin Tubes, Hydra Needles, and Symbeos, Helix and Green Monster Machines.
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