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Eikon® Original Cords: What's Old is New Again, and Even Better...

Eikon® Original Cords: What's Old is New Again, and Even Better...

March 11, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

When you buy a product with the Eikon name on it, you'll be getting our very best quality, every time. Whether it's our power supplies, machines, needles or anything in between, we believe the same high-quality standards apply. For over 25 years we've always stood behind every product we make. So, when we began hearing rumblings from artists that the Eikon cords they know and trust were starting to fail, we took it to heart. We immediately began searching for a high quality, durable silicone coated wire that would meet the demands of our customers. Turns out, by looking at our past, we were able to find the perfect wire for today's artist.

Our new "Original" series Eikon clipcords and RCA Cords use just that; we went back to our original U.S. manufacturer to source the same custom silicone wire we carried when we first offered clipcord wire for sale back in 1999. We're talking 20+ years ago. In those days, we didn't even sell assembled cords. Artists would buy spools of wire, the components they needed, and after a long day of tattooing, they'd build their own clipcords (oh, how times have changed).

Assembled in Canada

Eikon Original series clipcords and RCA cords are assembled by hand, in our shop here in Kingston, Ontario, by the same team that has been assembling Eikon equipment for over a decade.

Our Original 22-gauge silicone cords are extremely lightweight, flexible and never twist. Each cord comes pre-wired with a high-quality ¼ inch mono plug, and either a clipcord end (also made in-house) or a 4-prong gold plated RCA plug.

The Original Eikon Cord...

Pink, Red, Green, Grey & Black

Last year we launched our Original series cords in two colours; a classic black, and an all-new green. For 2020 we've added Red, Pink and Silver. They're available in all three connector options, and two cord lengths; 6 foot and 8 foot.

Visit the Eikon Store to get hooked up with our new Original Eikon cords.

The Eikon Team

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