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ES500 Year In Review 2020

ES500 Year In Review 2020

March 27, 2021   |   By The Eikon Team


Much had changed technology-wise in the 7 years since we released our beloved ES300, so we went back to the drawing board to come up with a new and improved compact power supply. One that embodied all of the things you loved about ES300, while giving you the functionality you’d been asking for.

So began the journey of ES500...

02.2020 The Tradition Of Power Continues... 
(timing is everything)

The new dude Ricardo G was tossed into the fire, as he and our marketing crew began crafting and dropping some not-so-subtle clues that something exciting was coming…(and it sure as hell wasn’t COVID - but I digress)

Early Days Of Production

Like its predecessors, ES500 is proudly hand assembled right here, in our production facility, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. No automated assembly lines here...just our dedicated assemblers Brad and Joe.

Let’s Watch it Again...

This being the first new power supply we’d put out in a while, we felt it deserved a little sumthin sumthin extra, a little splash for its debut! Voila - Check out the launch video.

“Cordless footswitch is a gem! Trusted Eikon quality. I've had my ES200 for 12 years (still operates number one!) and upgraded to the ES500. I was waiting for a reliable cordless footswitch to be on the market at an affordable price. I love the magnetic feature of this power supply. Apple certified port is also nice addition. I was concerned about putting the switch in my stretching hand and having it turn on and off but turns out it doesn't interfere at all since it is so small I can put it in the perfect spot within my glove. Don't hesitate, buy it.” - Sylvie, Saint-ElzEar

The Quest of the Golden Ticket…

Ok, Ok, inspired by Willie Wonka - just as fun, but lower in calories...with a little extra Flava...

Blonde? Red? Brunette?

Which was YOUR Favourite colour? *

(Sadly the *Gold & Red units were limited editions and are not for sale...)

ES500 Out in the “Wild”

“I’m like a kid in a toy store! I love the consistent clean power. My machines ran so smooth and I could not be happier. I also really dig the magnetic base cause it will stick to any metal surface and the small foot switch rocks. It’s a must buy if you want consistent clean power and its so small you can travel and it will fit in your machine case or backpack. This is all awesomeness!” - Mariano, Tucson

The ES500 has been travelling far and wide! We’ve really enjoyed seeing posts from artists all over the world experiencing the ES500.

Behind the Scenes...On Location with ES500 at Ink Well Tattoos and Piercings

What a great way to capture ES500 in its natural environment!! The crew at @inkwellkingston right here in K-town were simply awesome! Thanks again to @jasongoettlertattoos and @chelseavachonart for opening up their shop to us, and being such accommodating, and fabulous models.

Rob and Patrick, our road crew, were really looking forward to bringing our latest addition out on the convention circuit to meet you all in person….but, know what happened….’nuff said.

Happy 1st Birthday ES500

Needless to say, it’s been a pretty eventful first year for ES500, topped up with a fun giveaway to commemorate the big milestone...but it’s just the beginning… Thanks to all of you who picked up an ES500 over the past year, and for all of your continued support - we love what we do, and we do it for you...

The Eikon Team

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