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EyeShields, Hipster Jackets & more | New at Eikon Tattoo Supplies

EyeShields, Hipster Jackets & more | New at Eikon Tattoo Supplies

July 8, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

The Eikon Tattoo Supply Store is always bursting with new products, watch out for New @ Eikon blog posts to be on top of new arrivals and what’s coming back in stock soon.

Medicom SafeWear Hipster Jackets are engineered to protect tattoo artists and medical professionals, from cross-contamination, while keeping them comfortable. SafeWear Hipster Jackets are made from highly breathable. quality SMS fabric to keep you cool and comfortable. These single-use, disposable jackets adhere to OSHA fluid-resistance requirements and feature a 3-pocket design, knitted cuffs and collar, and a front snap closure.

Metrex Googles™ are lightweight, easy to assemble shields designed to provide you with eye protection in comfort and style. Featuring an economical, reusable frame, ergonomically designed Googles have side shield protection to guard artists against exposure to infectious droplets and particles while tattooing. The lenses are made of distortion-free, optical-grade plastic and fit easily over eyeglasses.

Lost Designs is 104 pages of sketches, drawings and stencils from one of traditional tattooing’s early masters - Pink Yun. It’s a stunning reference book and a great look at the history classic Traditional tattooing with a great crossover of Western and Eastern Traditional.

The Sol Nova Unlimited pen is Cheyenne’s first wireless tattoo machine. Expanding on the features of the popular Sol Nova Pen, it offers “responsive mode” technology (found on the Sol Terra and Sol Luna) and cordless operation thanks to the easy-to-use rechargeable battery.

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