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Hand Sanitizer and Soap: Effective Options For Your Shop.

Hand Sanitizer and Soap: Effective Options For Your Shop.

July 20, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Good hand hygiene has always been an integral part of a tattooer’s everyday life, and now it’s more important than ever. Your best defence for reducing the spread of germs and viruses to your coworkers, clients, and family, is as simple as keeping your hands clean. Choosing the right soap and hand sanitizer is key, and we're here to show you some great options available to you in our store.

Recently soap, and even more so hand sanitizer, has been hard to come by. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, these products are now in high demand in every industry and some of the key components that make up those products are difficult, if not impossible, to find. Who would have thought we’d see a worldwide shortage of pump bottles, or that the ingredient that turns hand sanitizer into a gel would become almost worth its weight in gold. Crazy right? But it’s the world we now live in.

That said, we’re proud to offer a variety of options including three great Canadian product lines in our store.

Soapopular Antibacterial Hand Soap

This Canadian-made line of soaps uses an alcohol-free formula that’s easy on your hands but effective at removing germs (including the Coronavirus), and more. The active agent in Soapopular antimicrobial soaps, is benzalkonium chloride, which is less irritating to the skin than alcohol. Soapopular Antibacterial Hand Soap is also Triclosan-free, leaves no sticky residue, is gentle and won’t dry out your skin. Check out the available sizes and mounting options for your shop HERE.

Outfitting Your Shop With Soapopular

Make it easy for tattoo artists and everyone else in your shop, to keep their hands clean and germ-free by installing one of Soapopular’s wall-mount or desk mount units in high-traffic areas. They’re convenient to use, easy to fill and will ensure you always have soap within reach.


Soapopular has been doing a great job of keeping up with the increased demand. We’re confident it will become a favourite of tattoo shops across the country, and we’ll be doing our best to make sure we’ve got it for you when you need it.

BM Canada

Based out of Montreal, BM Canada develops products for the medical, dental and tattoo industries. They produce a line of hand soaps, sanitizing gel and a hand cream specifically designed for hands that spend a good part of the day wearing latex and nitrile gloves.

BM1000 Antibacterial Handwash

BM1000 is an extremely gentle antibacterial handwash and general skin cleanser that’s designed to be used repeatedly throughout the day, without drying out your skin. It’s specially formulated with sophisticated detergents for better cleaning action, and emollients such as aloe vera, lanolin and glycerin to maintain your skin’s natural oils and moisture levels. Don't let the almond scent fool you, this is a nut-free product. BM1000 works with all standard soap dispensers.

BM1300 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

BM1300 is an antibacterial sanitizing gel with a potent 70% ethanol alcohol level that takes effect in seconds, and requires no rinsing. BM1300 is a quick and efficient product for busy artists looking to sanitize their hands between washings.

Tip: Fill our empty 4oz pigment bottles and place them at each station for easy and quick access to hand sanitizer.

BM1200 Antibacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream

BM1200 Antibacterial Moisturizing and Protective Barrier Hand Cream is formulated to remain waterproof for up to 4 hours. It was specifically developed for people, like tattoo artists, who frequently wear nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves for long periods of time

Outfitting Your Shop With BM Hand Hygiene Products

BM hand soap and hand sanitizing gel are currently only available in 4L jugs. They’re an economical option for refilling smaller containers around your shop. Alternatively, you can add a pump spout and pump away. If you’re looking for smaller bottles to use around your shop, check out our empty 4oz pigment bottles. These work great as soap and sanitizer dispensers (we’re even using these at Eikon HQ) - with proper safety labelling.


BM products are in high demand, but they’ve consistently made sure we’re able to get stock on a regular basis. If something is out of stock, it’s usually only a day or two away.

PurSan Hand Sanitizer

Science Option Labs Inc. is an Ontario-based company best known for their PurKlenz antiseptic cleanser, PurSan Aftercare Skin Cleanser and PurTect tattoo ointment.

Their new PurSan 60% alcohol hand sanitizer destroys germs on contact, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Keep one of their large 900ml pump bottles on your shop counter, and the 120ml (4oz) bottles are handy to have in your workstation for quick hand washing between glove changes.


Currently this product will only be available for sale in Canada. We’ll be stocking a good quantity of inventory so we don’t expect any shortages.

PurSan 60% Ethanol Hand Gel Sanitizer (reference NPN#80100059) is a Health Canada authorized product, and the 60% ethanol formulation is approved by the CDC for use in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We do recommend that you check with your local Health Authority as municipal requirements may vary.


A long time staple in our store, VioNex Antimicrobial Liquid Soap is specially formulated to be gentle and non-irritating for healthcare professionals and tattooers who wash their hands multiple times per day. It’s recommended for use between routine patient or client contact, medical procedures, after exposure to potential pathogens and after removal of personal protective equipment.


Metrex, the manufacturer of Vionex, is also the producer of the ever-popular Cavicide product line (more on that HERE). As a result, while they try to keep up with the demand for their surface disinfectants we won’t be seeing any Vionex in the short term. Stay tuned and click on "Notify Me" to be advised as soon as we have stock.

Isagel® No-Rinse Hand Sanitizing Gel

Used in medical facilities and clinics, Isagel® No-Rinse Hand Sanitizing Gel provides quick, on-the-spot infection control in your shop when soap and water aren’t available. The 70% alcohol formulation kills 99.9% of all microorganisms in just 15 seconds. Isagel hand sanitizer also contains emollients, so it nurtures the skin as it disinfects. Keep it handy at your tattoo station and shop counter.


We have a good inventory of Isagel Hand Sanitizer in stock.

TIP: Hold on to your Empties

Hold on to your empty hand sanitizer pump bottles as these items are in high demand and can be reused* when purchasing larger refill sizes of sanitizer and soap.

*Be Safe: When refilling containers, avoid mixing products and be sure to properly re-label bottles/dispensers when necessary.

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