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Intermediate Surface Disinfectants – More Options, More choice.

Intermediate Surface Disinfectants – More Options, More choice.

June 10, 2021   |   By The Eikon Team

New Kids & Old Friends

As tattoo shops around Canada begin to re-open, we wanted to re-introduce you to some of the surface disinfectants we offer, and highlight some new products you may not have previously come across while shopping at Eikon.

Some of the products you counted on for years to help run the shop, saw a huge demand spike which significantly impacted its availability. To help make sure you’ve got the disinfectants you need to keep your shop clean and safe, we’ve introduced some new items from a manufacturer you’re already familiar with.

All surface disinfectants featured below are “Intermediate Level”, and are approved to be used in tattoo shops.

What does “Intermediate Level” mean?

An Intermediate Level surface disinfectant has all the traits of a low-level disinfectant, but with the added benefit of being effective against mycobacteria, as well as vegetative bacteria, most viruses, and most fungi, but not bacterial spores.

Intermediate Level surface disinfectants are required for cleaning non-critical equipment and items that may come into contact with non-intact skin during the tattoo process.

To make it easy and safe for you, all of the Intermediate Level disinfectants we carry are TB kill strength.

To learn more about disinfectant levels check out our blog: Surface Disinfectant Levels, Kill Times and Options for Your Tattoo Shop

Which Intermediate Level Surface Disinfectant is Better?

We get this question a lot, so we’re going to provide you with a deep dive comparison of the options available at so you can make an informed decision. As with most things “what makes something better” is up to your personal preference.

CaviCide/CaviCide1/CaviWipes1 – The Trade Standard

Easily the most popular surface disinfectants in our store, CaviCide and Cavicide1 are the standard in the Tattoo Industry, period. These Intermediate Level multi-purpose disinfectants are available in a spray format, wipes and large 4L refill jugs.

Cavicide1 is a 1-step solution that’s effective at killing a broad spectrum of bacteria (including Tuberculosis), viruses and fungi, in just 1 minute. By comparison, the original CaviCide has a 3 minute kill-time.

What's the difference?

It's simple, the only difference between CaviCide and CaviCide1 is the kill time. CaviCide1 has a 1 minute kill, while the original formula has a 3 minute kill.


CaviCide1 in wipe form (aka CaviWipes1) is still pretty hard to find, so if you prefer wipes, check out standard CaviWipes. That said, CaviCide1 is available in a 4L jug and can be added to spray bottles or wipes like WipeOutz.

TIP: Hold on to your empty wipes containers, spray nozzles and pumps, these items are in low supply and high demand and can be reused when purchasing gallons and wipe refill packs.

*Be Safe: When refilling containers, don’t mix products and be sure to re-label accordingly.

PreEmpt™ – The Environmentally Friendly Option

PreEmpt is an environmentally-friendly, 1-step, Intermediate Level Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant that uses Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) technology to safely, effectively, responsibly and sustainably clean hard, non-porous surfaces in your shop. It’s the first and only Green Certified product line that provides the best balance of speed of disinfection, spectrum of disinfection effectiveness, cleaning effectiveness, health, safety and environmental friendliness.

What's the difference?

The kill-time on this product may be slightly slower than Cavicide1, but what it loses in speed, it makes up for in environmental friendliness. Available in a 3-minute mix, or a 5 minute concentrate kill, this product was designed specifically for use in the Personal Service and Body Art industry.


PreEmpt products are readily available in a mix of formats; spray bottles, refills and wipes as they become available. PreEmpt products are currently in stock in all configurations except the spray format.

Germicide3 & GermXtra – The “Made in Canada” Option

Just like CaviCide, Germicide3 and GermXtra are Intermediate Level surface disinfectants that may be used on both hard and soft surfaces around your tattoo shop. These include: plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, acrylic, leather, vinyl, glass and Plexiglas®.

Germicide3 disinfectant is non-sticky and won’t leave a hazardous chemical residue on surfaces when used as directed. It's listed as being more user-friendly and environmentally kind than traditional options.

What's the difference?

The main difference between Germicide3 and GermXtra is the kill time.

GermiCide3 has a (...wait for it...) 3-minute kill time, while the X in GermXtra means Xtra–fast as it has a 1-minute kill time. As mentioned above, GermiCide3 is also listed as a more environmentally friendly option.


Currently, Germicide3 is only available in lemon scented, 4L jugs, but we do expect to see wipes and the spray-bottle format in the future. Once available, we’ll also be switching to the unscented version, so enjoy the lemon scent while you can!

Medicom ProSurface - NEW 1-Minute Kill Formula

Medicom ProSurface is an Intermediate Level surface disinfectant that delivers powerful 1-step cleaning and disinfection, with a 1-minute kill time. ProSurface eliminates 48 pathogens including bacteria like TB (Tuberculosis), viruses and fungi, without damaging surfaces in your shop.


The good people at Medicom have put us in line for ProSurface Wipes. This product is new to our store, but not to tattooing. We’ve added this product to provide you with additional 1-minute kill disinfectant options.

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