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Lets Get Pen Wise! So what's the difference?

Lets Get Pen Wise! So what's the difference?

February 22, 2019   |   By The Eikon Team

The emergence of the pen style tattoo machine has really changed the rotary game over the past few years with each new machine offering artist’s new and improved features. Each one of the pen machines has something artists love. Lets take a look at some of the key features. (in no particular order).

Cheyenne Hawk Pen

The machine that kicked off this wave of pen-mania is still as popular today as when it was released. It’s nearly silent operation with little vibration make it comfortable to use and easy on your hand and wrist over a long day of tattooing.

The Hawk Pen weighs the same as the Proton Pen (3.4oz) but the weight is evenly distributed across the length of the machine giving it a great feel in the hand.

Eikon supports the Cheyenne Warranty Exchange Program. This loaner program keeps you working, if and when something goes wrong. Kind of like a built in insurance policy.

Tip: The Hawk Pen runs using a Cheyenne Hawk cable designed for use with the Cheyenne PU series of power supply. However, it also comes with an adaptor allowing you to run it on traditional power supplies like your EMS420 or ES300.


Cheyenne Sol Nova

The Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen is designed for precision! With its shorter yet wider body design it is even more lightweight and powerful than the original Hawk Pen.

Equipped with an all new brushless DC motor, the Sol Nova packs a serious punch yet provides quiet operation and is gentle on the skin, allowing for a quicker healing process for your clients.

The Sol Nova has a versatile 3.5mm stroke length, and a needle depth can be adjusted from 0 to 4.0mm. The Sol Nova operates at a low frequency for color realism and dot work, or at a much higher frequency for bold, confident, and precise line work.

Tip: For those who like the power of the Sol Nova but need a slimmer grip, the Sol Nova is compatible with Cheyenne Hawk Ergo Round or 1 inch D-Grips. 


Xion Pen

The newest member of the pen family. The FK Irons Xion is the first pen to offer more control over every aspect of your machine. No more adapting your style to a machine, you can alter the machine to match your style.

  • Adjustable give to soften or harden the hit
  • Interchangeable cams to adjust the stroke length
  • Ratcheting system enables you to lock-in your needle depth

Although heavier than the Hawk and Proton Pen’s, the Xion Pen is well balanced, making the added weight almost unnoticeable while tattooing.

Tip: The Xion offers 12 give adjustment settings, the easiest way to find you setting is to choose the hardest, softest or middle setting and then just adjust slightly to find your desired give.


Equaliser Proton Pen

The Equalizer Proton may be the lowest priced pen in the Eikon store but don’t let that fool you when it comes to quality and performance.

Coming in at 3.4oz the Proton Pen is slightly top-weighted giving it the feel and balance of a more traditional style tattoo machine; Although the Proton Pen offers reduced vibration compared to most rotary style machines, it is slightly more noticeable then the Cheyenne Hawk and Xion.

A recent innovation on the Proton Pen saw the addition of a replaceable return springs system allowing you to maintain your machine quickly and easily.

Tip: Artists often comment that the Proton Pen offers a harder hit then the Hawk Pen and is more comparable to their linear rotaries. No learning curve required.


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