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Mr. Scriptkeeper talks Point to Point with Eikon

Mr. Scriptkeeper talks Point to Point with Eikon

September 5, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Our intrepid artist liaison and generally jovial Eikon staffer Patrick Coste, sits down with a tattoo artist to get to know them a little better. This week he's catching up with artist and hardworking man, Mr. Scriptkeeper.

You’ve seen him around the convention circuit I’m sure. The first thing you notice is Mr. Scriptkeeper passion for lettering and tattooing, that he will gladly share with you for hours on end... - Patrick Coste

Bryan, aka Mr. Scriptkeeper in his element - Photo ©Mr. Scriptkeeper

Year tattooing: 5 years,
Place of business: @grapevinetattoo, Vancouver BC, Canada
Instagram: @mr.scriptkeeper


Patrick Coste: Hey, Hey dude, I’ve missed seeing you on the road this year! How’s life in beautiful Vancouver? Are you ok with all these fires going on lately?
Hey man, I’m really good but it’s very smoky these days. Probably the worst air quality in the world right now, at least that’s what they say! There’s one burning in new New Westminster just outside Vancouver! It’s quite unusual up here.

PC: Gotta say I love your artist name!! Priceless!! LOL!
LOL! Thank you, but someone gave me that name! The way I got my name was while I was in Calgary .. or Edmonton.. lol, I can’t recall...An artist kept passing by and saying “Scriptkeeper”, time after time. At first I was like, “man that’s annoying”, then it stuck to me so I added Mr. and the rest is history! Lol!

PC: Lol, way cool man! Nothing beats the fact that someone gave you the actual name... Priceless!! One question we always ask with Point to Point is, how did tattooing find you?
I was about 15… shhhh! LOL, my good friend's brother was tattooing me, shhhhh… Lol, I was very much into graffiti and art at large and while hanging at his shop I would do the “apprentice shop duties”, but did not apprentice then. That was my way to stick around the shop.

This was my first encounter. It was the spark that started it all, but it was later on that I got a chance to do the “classic-ish apprenticeship”. I’ve only been tattooing for 5 years... I’m now 31.

Lettering by Mr. Scriptkeeper
Freehand? Not a problem...What’s the word? - Photo ©Mr. Scriptkeeper

PC: Wait, what? 5 years? Youre rock solid man, a hard worker. It shows that you’re passionate and dedicated!
Hear this, I’ve got more to that story...I never listened to my dad! Lol, but that time I did! My dad told me to go to school, you know as a backup, and then if I wanted to tattoo he would support me, so I went into graphic design.

Mr. Scriptkeeper tattoo
Swollen and red, fresh as it can get! - Photo ©Mr. Scriptkeeper

PC: LOL! Fonts are your business, I see the correlation now! Very nice. I can definitely relate, as I’ve always thought graphics and marketing will be necessary in life. It explains a bit why I like your work. I’ve being saying to friends at work, that youre one of the few I can actually read!! LOL.
Totally! It’s funny, I look at some of the other lettering artists and I’m like, “Oh shit so intricate”. I love it, and I’m here keeping it solid, enjoyable and readable. These are two of the types of scripting, all great! Same with graffiti, I really enjoy all styles.

PC: I dig it! :) When did you realize you wanted to do lettering?
From day one, I only wanted a script.

PC: Oh snap, so no traditional clovers eh!? LOL...
Lol, I sure can. I’ll do that for you, LOL.

Mr. Scriptkeeper tattoo
A not-so-typical tattoo script. Definitely a well done layout - ©Mr. Scriptkeeper

PC: Seriously, you started and BAM! scripts kept coming?
The beginning was a bit of a rollercoaster, but I found a spot in Alberta where they were ok with me doing script.

PC: You moved quite a bit eh? You were in Moncton recently right?
Correct. For a couple of years I moved to Moncton, NB, bounced here and there, back to Alberta, back to Vancouver, to Moncton back to Vancouver. I basically went where I needed to be at that time!

PC: Youre now in Vancouver and killing it! I’m glad youre ok. I bet you miss the East Coast these days!
Well yes and no Lol, it’s quite smoky. I know what you mean though! I’m from Surrey, BC actually, so I'm home in a sense. I like Vancouver, it’s great for tattooing and I’m better known here for sure. I love the East Coast no doubt, but tattooing is a bit stronger over here for me. I’m well set now. I’ve got a nice studio to work in, and I also have my private studio so I’m set!

Mural ©Mr. Scriptkeeper

PC: Missing conventions?
I have a love/hate relationship with conventions. I love the community, but it’s so much extra work, but eh! I love them. I think I need to find a balance when it comes back in good terms.

PC: So glad to hear man, I will come and chat for sure. What's next for you?
I would love to be able to travel again, whenever that is. There are few meccas for scripters, places where there are good lettering people, where we can learn, explore, experience more and different perspectives. United States, Spain, Russia man, amazing artists there. Down south, Bogota, Colombia, Mexico, many many little pockets of good letters!

I also like to paint murals, street lettering. I love all sorts of visual art, composition, dark based or classical. Nice clean, sharp’s all about letters. I’m definitely gonna keep experimenting with fonts and I want to go further. I’ve got a few ideas related to fonts and scripts, gonna let you know when it happens! LOL!

PC: Come on man, tell us!!!! LOL, I love your passion dude! Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with me, youre a riot!
It was fun man. I couldn't imagine anyone more chill to do it with!


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