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New Store Features And More...

New Store Features And More...

November 7, 2019   |   By The Eikon Team

We’ve just launched some new and improved features to help make your Eikon experience even better...

In February we launched the new Eikon website. Since then, we’ve been collecting your feedback and working hard to make changes to ensure our website is even more artist-friendly, and easy to navigate while you shop.

We recently launched the following updates:

  • NEW Back in Stock Notifications
    Customers can sign up for back in stock notifications which are managed in their Account profile.  When products come back in stock they will receive an email notification.
  • Improved  Filtering Options & Sections
    Including by Status (In Stock, New, Sale, Featured, Clearance)  Selected filters visible above results.
  • Improved Searched Feature
    Search for Products or Articles (Drop Down).  Product results now displayed right in the Catalog
  • Ink Shopping made easy
    No more duplicate ink colours because of multiple bottle sizes, we've cleaned up the display to make it easier to use and filter


Want to know more? Here are the details & the How To:


Back in Stock Notifications
You may remember that our old website used to offer a “Notify Me” button on the product pages that let you request a Back In Stock email notification when an item they wanted was Out of Stock.  Many tattoo artists told us how much that feature was missed. So you’ll be happy to know that Back In Stock Notifications are BACK, and better than ever. 

How To:
If a product is Out of Stock - The Add to Cart button will be replaced with a Notify When Available button. Click on the button to have that item added to your Back In Stock Notifications, located under “Notifications” in your account. 

Where To Manage:
Back in Stock notifications can be managed from your Eikon account using the Notifications page. You can cancel notifications at any time, or Re-Activate a notification if you missed out on an item that had returned to stock and sold out again.

When It's Back:
When an item on your Back in Stock Notifications is officially available for purchase, you’ll automatically receive an email notification from us. This email gives you a headstart to purchase the product before everyone else, so you’ll want to act fast once you receive your notification email. 


Improved  Filtering
Allowing you to find what you're looking for even faster! Using the “In Stock” filter removes all products currently “out of stock” from your view no matter which additional filters have been selected. Perfect for those times when you just cant wait for a product to come back into stock. The “In Stock” filter is found in the “status” filters along the left hand side. 

New Product:
Using the “New Products” filter option allow you to see only those products that are new to the Eikon store. Products are tagged “New” for 3 months (sometimes more)  from when they were added to the store. All New Products can be found in a "New Product"  section found in the Catalog menu bar along the top of the product catalog. 

Featured Product:
The  “Featured Product” filter will be used to flag items that are being featured in either the weekly emails or as part of flyers our shipping team adds to your orders. The “Featured Product” filter  can be viewed in the “Featured Product” section found in the Catalog menu bar or in each product category.

On Sale:
The “On Sale” and “Clearance” filters and sections allow customers to find products that are currently on sale or clearance priced. These are often time sensitive offers that you should check out on each visit. “On Sale” and “Clearance” products can be found in the Catalog menu bar as well as throughout the product catalog. Watch for them! 

Cookie Trail:
A New “Cookie Trail” appears at the top of the product catalog and will show you all the filters you've currently selected. Filters can then be removed from the cookie trail automatically updating your product selection. Give it a shot. 


Better Searching:
The newly improved search feature moves your search results from a lengthy list view into a more easily shoppable product catalog view. You can now use filters to narrow down your search even further find the product your are looking for faster without playing the “keyword search game” and searching over and over again  trying to find a product. 

The improved Search feature allows you to search either products or articles. Use the dropdown to select which you’d like to search so you can quickly and easily find the product or information you're looking for. 


Ink Shopping Made Easy:
The new Ink Section now groups all available bottles sizes togther instead of listing all 3 sizes in the section. Simply select the color of choice and then quickly and easily choose the bottle size.  No more guessing which swatch is which when it comes to sizes.

The Ink section displays the Color name (Lip Stick Red), the Manufacture (Eternal),  and lists all bottle sizes we offer the color in (1oz,2oz,4oz,8oz).  The price displayed on screen is for the smallest available “In stock” bottle size for the color in question. Click on the  product card and use the drop down to select your size of choice and see the corresponding prices.  


Still have questions on How To? Contact Customer Services 





The Eikon Team

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