Recap from the Road: 2019 Winnipeg Tattoo Convention | Eikon
Recap from the Road: 2019 Winnipeg Tattoo Convention

Recap from the Road: 2019 Winnipeg Tattoo Convention

August 21, 2019   |   By The Eikon Team

Tattooing Purists Rejoice in Winnipeg!

Start to finish, the love for tattooing was in the air at the 2019 Winnipeg Tattoo Convention. From early breakfast to late night drinks, there were many conversations about tattooing, and the great things happening in the trade. Those opportunities to spend hours talking with top tattooers from across the country and around the world, about the trade we love, were some of the most memorable highlights from this convention.

2019 Winnipeg Tattoo Show with Eikon DeviceThe organizers of the 2019 Winnipeg show sure have found the recipe for success -  it has an intimate, family feel thanks to the love given by @richhandford and his @kapalatattoo tattoo family. Simple eh!!?  This 3rd Annual Celebration/Convention took place from August 16th-18th at the Red River Exhibition Park and I tell you, the anticipation could be felt as we arrived, and were welcomed along with many artists at the hotel.  Everyone was eager to get started at what was one of a well-attended tattoo shows of the year.

At the 2019 Winnipeg Tattoo Convention tattooing is definitely front and centre, it’s probably one of the most purely tattooing-focused shows in the country.  Attendees included international artists like Australian @mattcurzon, to Colombian transplant @ed_perdomo who’s now a resident of Winnipeg, Montreal artist @Safwanmtl and his crew @greg_laraigne @krushghetto, the Tex Family: @anthony_tex, @jamestex, Good Point Tattoos: @coryferguson & @katrinabarss and team, and so many more - too many to name here.  It was so much fun to see so many tattoo artists that we’ve come to love. 

The Sights & Sounds

The good times kicked off quicky and the celebration lasted all weekend. The quality of tattooing was at an all-time high with most artists, if not all, busy with clients and having a blast.  There was also a good number of walk-ins as @draworking, @inkyoursoul and @mxndoza teamed up to create a 3-way tattoo over the course of the day, Sunday. 


Food trucks on site kept the artists and visitors fueled up - standouts this year were the Tot Wheels @totwheelswpg with the Wrangler definitely up to par, the @islandfusionwpg truck was a notch above with the “Poutine so succulent” made with Cassava that pretty much everything else was forgotten - I’m a Quebecer, I know my poutine…


On site was Stephen Kortzman Photography taking awesome memories from the 2019 Winnipeg Convention:


Best Of Day Winners

Winning pieces for Best of Day during the show were: Friday @lefthandblack,  Saturday @safwnMTL and Sunday @Jamestex, and what a display of expertise these tattooers showed to the masses.

The Marked for Life Initiative.

Aiming to raise funds for the Mood Disorders or Manitoba, the Marked For Life charity initiative offers attendees a chance to get tattooed with a flash design from different artists at the Winnipeg Tattoo show. We’re proud to have sponsored the “Marked for Life” booth for the past two years, providing them with the EMS420, cords and footswitches for each four stations in the charity booth. To top it all, we also offer our famous convention packs to make sure all were set for the week end and could focus on tattooing. We also provided Helix and Symbeos rotary machines for any artist looking to test drive them while working in the booth.

Thanks to all the tattooers and clients who helped to raise more than $12,000 at the Marked for Life booth!! Including 50/50 sales and contest entry fees, $15,082.50 was raised for @mooddisordersmb over the weekend - this money helps to fund programs and services for individuals and families impacted by mental health issues. This brings the 3-year total raised to $43,632.50. We are proud to have been able to help the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention, and the 31 artists who completed 75 tattoos over the weekend.

This was a great year for fundraising as Marked for Life and the booth were busy all weekend with outstanding artists like @Shawnbeatty @cablz @wesharcustattoos @draventoewstattoo @bigchainjames @chadfabian @hllywd_homicide @krishearntattoos @bloodrobots @slobula @workprint1970 @dan_allaston_tattoos @psychonaut666 @bj_zieger  @jarretclarksontattoo  @tattoo_milk @wishart @reubent @scragpie who all donated incredible flash designs. WOW!!

We had a draw again this year and we gave away 4 EMS420s. Winners for 2019 were @inkyoursoul @pencilslayer @dirtedustin and @Hubert_serrano. Congrats! 


Shout Outs

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs!! @FarrellBernier came to the rescue of our newest team member Kim, who after a minor mishap was a trooper, coming back to the show with 6 stitches and a story for years to come.

While there was no doubt about our amazing time in Winnipeg, I did find myself with a 12-hour flight delay (thanks Air Canada…) on Monday! … Always positive, and knowing that life would keep us entertained - some of the local and out-of-town artists decided we’d spend our time going go-karting! Good times - thanks guys!

This tattooing family affair wouldn't be possible without @richhanford and his family, the Kapala Tattoo family and all those who participated to make this 3rd annual Winnipeg Tattoo Convention pretty awesome.

Thank you to all our friends and long time Eikon Device customers for dropping by our booth to say “Hi!”- your continued support means the world to us!!!!

If you haven’t made a decision to attend the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention in the near future, you’re missing out -  the 2020 Winnipeg Tattoo Convention will be here before you know it - and I highly recommend checking it out!!!

See you on the road!



The Eikon Team

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