Recap from the Road: Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival 2019 | Eikon
Recap from the Road: Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival 2019

Recap from the Road: Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival 2019

April 29, 2019   |   By The Eikon Team

Following the Edmonton Trail

On April 26-28, 2019 the Edmonton Expo Centre was bursting with an impressive collection ot tattooers and they were on fire. The show included artists such as; @InkbySaga and @ChiwonTattoo from the @TheRealismClub to @JoeyHamiltonTattoo and @BiggCeeze from @Inkmaster to @Amy_MyMouse from France to outstanding local tattooers like @discopotatoes, @JeanaJaneTattoos, @KyielCholik and quite a few others!

The Sights & Sounds

It was also a great moment for us here at @EikonDevice as we introduced you to the latest item in our tattoo supply roster Eikon Standard and Premium gloves, Every artist working the show received free boxes of our gloves to test, and the response was amazing! If you haven't tried them out yet, but sure to let us know on your next order and we will get a sample out to you. 

Check out some of the hardware from the Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival

When the atmosphere is at an all time high, and tattoo artists are having fun, you know the weekend will be a good one!!! 

The entertainment for this tattoo expo was top class!! How could we forget the late evening adult only show with @MailaMustang giving a serious performance, backed by the amazing @IndigoCircus playing with fire, and the @ThePineheruppers.

Shout outs

Big thanks to @StevePeaceTattoos and the crew for this year’s edition. We are definitely looking forward to the Edmonton Tattoo Expo 2020.

Thank you to all friends and tattoo family for dropping by the Eikon Device booth to say “Hi!”- your support means the world to us!!!!

The Eikon Team

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