Recap from the Road: Winnipeg Tattoo Convention 2018 | Eikon
Recap from the Road: Winnipeg Tattoo Convention 2018

Recap from the Road: Winnipeg Tattoo Convention 2018

September 11, 2018   |   By The Eikon Team

The 2nd annual Winnipeg Tattoo Convention took place at the Red River Exhibition Park on Aug 16-18th 2018, and if you weren’t there, here is just some of what you missed….

The Eikon convention crew was in the house, and we came bringing toys! We showed off the all new Spektra Xion pen, Environize cleansing wash, and over 200 colors of ink, on the now famous Eikon color stand.

Thank you! to all those who swung by the booth to say hello.

As for the show, Rich and the Winnipeg convention team put together an impressive list of artists that brought Winnipegers to the doors begging to get work done. Here are some of the faces of the 2018 Winnipeg Tattoo Convention, and some of the work done at the show. (see below some artists featured at the convention)

Marked for Life Charity

While at the show Eikon was a proud supporter of the Marked for Life Charity booth. All funds raised at the booth will be used to sustain MDAM's new 'Transitions' program, which will support indigenous youth relocating to Winnipeg from rural and remote areas to attend school.

During the weekend, the Marked for Life booth had 36 volunteer tattoo artists from around the world donate their time to complete 75 tattoos, resulting in more than $11,000 in donations. Additional funds were raised through tattoo judging contests, vendor donations, and MDAM's daily 50/50 draws, bringing the total raised to $14,003.

For our part we donated all the supplies the artists needed to work, including Eikon power supplies, machines, and more. I guess you could say the Marked for Life booth was officially powered by Eikon Device Inc. Shout-out to our friends at Solid Ink who kept the ink flowing in the charity booth all weekend long!

Congrats to Rich and artists working the booth and to all those collectors that got tattooed.

Draw time!

At the end of the show we gave away the 4 EMS420’s that were used by the artists working the charity booth, below are the four lucky artists that are now the proud owners of an Eikon power supply.

Pool party!

And whats a Winnipeg convention without a pool party? Warning: there's a lot for chlorine and alcohol soaked skin in this pic!

See ya next year Winnipeg!


The Eikon Team

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