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From the Road - 2019 Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

From the Road - 2019 Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

November 4, 2019   |   By The Eikon Team

A Weekend in the Wild West…

October bring us Canadian Thanksgiving, and we’re super thankful to have been Alberta bound once again, this time for the Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival. As always CowTown and the Calgary Alberta Tattoo Shows did not disappoint. The aisles were packed with walk-ins and tattooers alike - the level of tattooing being done, and on display was incredible.

Our host,  the Judas Priest fan-boy that is Steve Peace, along with his family and crew sure have this tattoo convention running like a well-oiled machine. The weekend ran incredibly smoothly, providing us and the artists with a worry-free couple of days with friends, and what now often feels like family. 

The Sights & Sounds

With our booth set up ready long before the first tattooers arrived, we took the time to welcome many of our friends, including the ever-excited, beloved man-child Peel Smith who arrived ready for another weekend of contest judging. Next up came our “clown car chauffeur” Brian Ragusin, a California boy who makes getting around Calgary a blast. 

Out on the floor it was great to see Chiwon An who won a full days worth of competitions (Yes! You sure read that right), got to sleep in his own bed afterwards looking up at his 4 wins, and then come back the next day to chill with us and show his support!!! JF Thrahan now Alberta resident and Brandie Lee teamed up to create a crazy geometric tattoo the size of PEI. WOW!!!! This is why THIS show is among the top conventions in Canada. Holy Crap!!!

The ever-smooth Saga & Heather also popped by the Eikon booth looking to up his power game with our EMS420.  Check out what Heather got to add to her collection - DAMN!!!!!! Thanks for the support guys! Calgary is such a busy show, that it has us at times tied up in our convention booth. We were lucky enough to have been visited by the cool-spirited Derek Turcotte who was making his return to the convention circuit. Derek also welcomed us in his booth and showed me the darthvader / joker / far out piece he was working on. Thank you bro! 

Our old friends Luka Lajoie and Micheal Cloutier from the Arts Corporation also came by to say “Hi!” and see what was new with Eikon. The next joke’s on me Luka!!!

We had a couple of guests in the Eikon booth over the weekend including Howard and Mark SoLabs, who brought with him a stunning roster of sponsored artists like Paul Tougas, Mario Sanchez and quite few others. Speaking of SoLabs - folks seem to be really digging their Purklenz as a replacement for green soap... 

Great to see Randy, the man himself from Silverback Tattoo ink, who spent some time with us as well as helping to keep the Silverback Ink flowing at the ink station. We also picked his brain a bit, so you get the juicy information about his product.

Being our last show of the year it was also terrific to see other road warriors like Montrealers Shamus and his partner in crime Azl. They put on an awesome display of showmanship, discipline and late night talks on tattooing, music and life in general. 

Shout Outs

It goes without saying that this event is not a one-man-show. The time and effort put forth by a very carni-like family is impressive, and is what makes the Alberta Bound shows one of our country's best.  Thanks again to our friend Steve Peace with his caring personality and his regular look - he always takes great care of us from start to finish. 


See you on the Road in 2020



The Eikon Team

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