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SilverBack Black 11 - RIP

SilverBack Black 11 - RIP

July 30, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Earlier this year Silverback Ink announced the “death” or discontinuation of Black 11, a product that many of you have been using since 2007! Although like you, we’ll miss it, we aren’t here to mourn the loss of Black 11, we want to celebrate the work you’ve done with it and help you choose your next Silverback Black.

Depending on the tools you use, your hand speed and/or where you’re working on the body, you may prefer one of these other Silverback Blacks, or all 4 depending on the application.

Silverback Ink Stupid Black

Stupid Black provides increased surface tension over InstaBlack and XXXBlack. The consistency is known for being dense, but not thick. Stupid Black is great when you need to slow things down for hand-tapping, whip-shading, solid fill or diluting for greyscale

  • Viscosity: Dense but not thick
  • Hand Speed: Normal

Silverback Ink InstaBlack

InstaBlack is super-dense, thin and fast. Great for lining, shading or diluting to create a wash. It's similar to Stupid Black, but with less surface tension for increased tattooing speed when needed.

  • Viscosity: Thin
  • Hand Speed: Normal/Medium Speed

Silverback Ink XXX Black

XXX Black goes into the skin as easily as it wipes off. A super-thin consistency that goes in super-fast! XXX Black is perfect for fine lines, shading or solid fill. It's easy to use full strength or diluted for grayscale.

  • Viscosity: Really Thin
  • Hand Speed: Super Fast

Black TH1RT3EN

Black TH1RT3EN is the newest addition to Silverback Ink's Black lineup and offers a completely different viscosity. It is slightly thicker than Silverback’s other formulations. It has enough body to fully coat the needles, and moves like “black water”, making it easy to fully saturating the skin and easy to clean off your client and your tubes

  • Viscosity: Slightly Thicker
  • Hand Speed: Normal

Still not sure?

Check out SilverBack Ink’s Black Pack, a 1oz 4 bottle set that allows you to get to know each of Silverback’s Blacks.

Black Pack 1oz 4 Bottle Set

Learn More about Silverback Products

For tips and behind the scenes insight into the complete line of Silverback products, check out Silverback's YouTube Channel.

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