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Soapopular - Last call on sale pricing (CANADA ONLY)

Soapopular - Last call on sale pricing (CANADA ONLY)

April 12, 2021   |   By The Eikon Team

As an artist, you appreciate the importance of clean hands better than most, but frequent handwashing (especially these days), plus wearing gloves all day, can take a real toll on your hands - which, let’s face it, are an artist’s most valuable asset. This is why Canadian-made Soapopular Handsoap is right at home in your shop.

The Eikon Team

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Eikon Device was started in 1994, working out of a small garage, manufacturing the first needle specifically designed to meet the needs of tattoo artists. That started an odyssey of research and development that has seen many advancements in tattoo equipment including four generations of Eikon meter/power supplies, the Tru-Spring Armature Bar system, Griffin Tubes, Hydra Needles, and Symbeos, Helix and Green Monster Machines.
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