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Tattoo hiStories: "The Thin Black Line" by Artist Chris Rhyason

Tattoo hiStories: "The Thin Black Line" by Artist Chris Rhyason

February 28, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Chris Ryason Tattoo Artist
Chris Rhyason - ©Beauchamp Photography

As the reach of tattoo culture continues to grow and expand, collectors and the general public are constantly looking for ways to learn more about this fascinating industry we all love. Often they have to draw the info they seek, from the many MTV-style Tattoo shows that have become part of popular culture over recent years. From time to time, however, an artist not known for being in front of the camera, will decide to open up about their personal experience and their art, shedding a more realistic light on what life in a tattoo shop can be like.

A Canadian Tattoo Artist's Journey...

In 2019 our friend Chris Rhyson (Sterling Skull Tattoo, Grande Prairie, AB) broke the "thin black line" in an article he did for CBC News last year. If you didn't get a chance to read it, we've provided a link below to check out. Chris shares what it was like getting started as a tattoo artist in northern Alberta. He also provides some insight on how tattooing has changed over the course of his career.


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