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What’s Happening with Gloves, and How We’ve Got You Covered...

What’s Happening with Gloves, and How We’ve Got You Covered...

September 14, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

You’ve no doubt noticed that many tattoo supply companies across North America are out of stock on gloves. As we mentioned in our ‘Open Letter to Tattoo Artists’ from earlier this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a significant disruption in the PPE industry, forcing most manufacturers to shift their focus towards increasing production, and getting products into the hands of the medical community as quickly as possible. If you factor in materials shortages, decreased workforces and shipping delays, it’s no surprise that projects like Private Label contracts are being temporarily shelved.

This is the case for our Eikon Standard and Eikon Premium gloves. Our manufacturing partner has recently notified us that they won’t have the resources to commit to this product line for the short term. This is largely because the production of black nitrile gloves has taken a back seat due to the greater demand for medical industry-standard colours like blue and purple. Black nitrile gloves have been disappearing quickly, and are being replenished much more slowly (if at all) making them nearly impossible to find.

What Will Happen with Eikon Gloves?

Eikon Premium and Standard gloves WILL BE BACK. This is just a temporary COVID-induced bump in the road. We dedicated a lot of time and resources into creating Eikon gloves for you, and we're confident they'll be back in stock sometime in 2021 - we’ll keep you posted.

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered…Right Through 2021

Our number one priority is to make sure you have the supplies you need to run your shop safely and keep tattooing. We’ve worked hard to source a new line of medical-grade nitrile gloves from Canadian medical supplier PriMed. These nitrile gloves exceed the toughest standards for medical-grade hand protection, and we’ve purchased enough stock to last well into 2021 - until Eikon gloves return.

Here’s what you’ll find in store…

PriMed Vitality gloves are packaged in boxes of 150, (130 for XL) so you’re actually getting 50 more gloves compared to other brands sold in boxes of 100.

PriMed Vitality gloves are currently only available for sale to Canadian customers.

We’re Here for You...

If you have any other questions about our gloves or the new PriMed gloves, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team via email, phone or live chat - they will be happy to answer any concerns you may have.

The Eikon Team

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