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Spotlight on Cartridge Needles: Which Ones Are Right for You?

Spotlight on Cartridge Needles: Which Ones Are Right for You?

February 3, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Cartridge needles come in all configurations, sizes and prices, with safety membranes, or without. If you're just making the switch to cartridges or looking to try something different, here's some insight into the brands you'll find in the Eikon store.

Cheyenne Safety Cartridge Needle
Cheyenne Safety Cartridge Needle - Made in Germany

Cheyenne Safety® Cartridge Needles

The brand that launched the cartridge revolution; Cheyenne is still the most popular choice we carry in our store. These 2-piece safety cartridge needles are the standard to beat in the tattoo industry. With over 56 configurations available (yes, we carry all of them), Cheyenne offers high-quality tattoo needles equipped with a patented safety membrane. This feature provides unparalleled cross-contamination protection from viruses and bacteria.

Cheyenne Safety cartridges also have a transparent, medical-grade plastic tip, presenting you with a clear view of the needle. Available in 2 taper options and 4 needle diameters, Cheyenne cartridge needles are sold in 10 and 20-count boxes.

Cheyenne Craft Cartridge Needle
Cheyenne Craft Cartridge Needle - Made in Germany

Cheyenne Craft® Cartridge Needles

For those looking for a more cost-effective option that doesn't skimp on quality, check out Cheyenne Craft Cartridges. Made from one-piece, moulded medical-grade plastic, Craft cartridges cost less to produce than their Safety version, saving you money without compromising on performance. They feature the same high-quality needles as Cheyenne's Safety line and also include their renowned safety membrane.

Craft cartridges come in 19 configurations and 2 needle sizes, and are available in both 10 and 20-count boxes, giving you a great bang for your buck.

Kwadron Cartridge Needle

Kwadron Cartridge System.

Well known for its excellent traditional needles, so it's no surprise that their Kwadron Cartridge systems are manufactured with the same high quality. These 1-piece, smoke-tinted clear cartridges are designed with an exclusive stabilization system that delivers durable, over-the-top performance, and ink flow that's second-to-none. These cartridges do not have a membrane, which makes them easier on your machines, and helps them run more smoothly.

Although Kwadron offers over 200 cartridge configurations, we currently carry 52 of their most popular sizes in the Eikon store. If we're missing a size you need, please let us know!

To learn more about the Cartridge revolution be sure to check out the Eikon blog HERE.

With over 25 years in business, we've built our reputation on providing artists with a curated selection of the best quality, tried and true, equipment and supplies in our store.

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