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Protect Your Tattoo Bed with Earthlite’s Professional Bed Cover

Protect Your Tattoo Bed with Earthlite’s Professional Bed Cover

June 7, 2021   |   By The Eikon Team

Earthlite Tattoo bed cover being put on a bed.

Protect your investment, or give it a facelift!

You often get clients on your tables wearing spiked belts, keys, and other items that have the potential to dramatically reduce the lifespan of your tattoo bed. Adding a heavy-duty cover can help to protect and extend its life.

Is your tattoo bed showing wear and tear? The EarthLite Professional Bed Cover will give it a brand new look, for a fraction of the cost.

Fit and Durability

These covers are designed to fit 30" or 32" tilt-top portable and stationary tables like the EarthLite Arte Vista and Avalon XD. Ultra-durable, this cover will give you years of trouble-free and convenient use. SnugFit™ elastic corners keep the cover securely in place, while the double-stitched water-resistant upholstery provides strength and reliability.

Available in Black or Beige.

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