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Ed Perdomo Talks Point to Point with Eikon

Ed Perdomo Talks Point to Point with Eikon

January 29, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Each week our intrepid artist liaison and generally jovial Eikon staffer Patrick Coste sits down with a tattoo artist to get to know them a little better. This week, he's catching up with Ed Perdomo.

Rock solid tattooer who's travelled the world to learn the trade and has created a style that makes him unique. That, is indeed a rare breed - Patrick Coste

Ed Perdomo Tattoo Artist

Ed Perdomo - ©2018 Marie Manson - Déclics & Pix’elle

Rapid-Fire Round...

Name: Ed Perdomo
Years tattooing: 27 years
Years actually good at it? lol: Zero, still trying to get there
Place of business: Kapala tattoo, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ed_perdomo


PC: Good day Ed, always fun to talk to you. When did we last see each other?
EP: Good day Patrick, last time we saw each other was at the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention last summer.

PC: Right! Right! I remember now, you gave me a full set of those little Perdomo Kids Tattoos. Are you planning to make more? They're a blast!
EP: I'd forgotten about those, they were pretty popular with the little ones. I think I’ll make some more for future conventions.

Kids tattoo by Ed Perdomo

Ed Perdomo Signature Kids Temporary Tattoos

PC: How’s your first winter in Winnipeg? Missing the Canary Islands?
EP: I miss my family for sure. Winnipeg winters are some of the coldest I’ve experienced, but not too different from Sweden. I was actually living there for 10 years.

PC: What are you working on these days?
EP: These days I’m doing quite a few Japanese inspired themes, trying to keep doing animals as main characters, but it’s not always up to me.

Ed Perdomo - Neo/Japanese Style Tatooing

Few of Ed Perdomo Signature Style Neo/Japanese Tattoos

PC: Holy crap!! Ok, ok, I hadn't seen these ones!! Your style is "Neo/Japanese/illustrative". How did you end up loving it so much?

EP: It happened by accident years ago, because of my inability to do proper Asian tattoos. I moved to China for a couple of years to learn a bit more of their iconography but ended up finding a cartoony side that resonated with clients, and it’s been developing ever since.

Ed Perdomo famous tattoos

Stunning Backpiece Tattoos by Ed Perdomo

PC: Wow! OK, OK, HOLY S***!!! Thank you, and keep coming up with those rad tattoos. Where can we see you, and get tattooed this year?
EP: At Kapala tattoo, Saskatoon and Winnipeg tattoo conventions. These days I’m not doing much travelling, except for visiting my family in Europe.

PC: You're awesome ED. Thank you, man! All the best for this year!!
EP: Thank you! I really appreciate your support and all my best wishes to you and your family.


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