In the Community

Our “In the Community” section highlights some of the events that Eikon and Eikon staff participate in locally.

We donate product and sponsor a variety of events or causes in the Kingston and surrounding area. Eikon staff also volunteers their time to charitable organizations throughout the year, and participates in various community sporting events.

Ride For Dad

Ride For Dad

The Motorcycle Ride for Dad is Canada’s largest motorcycle event dedicated to fighting prostate cancer through awareness and research. Now in it’s ninth year, the fundraiser is the biggest annual charity ride in North America. Last year there were 500 riders from across Ontario taking part in Kingston’s Ride for Dad event.

For the past couple of years Eikon has sponsored the annual Ride for Dad in Kingston, and last year we also had a staff member riding in the event.


Pitch In Kingston

Pitch In Kingston

Pitch-In Day is a voluntary community activity in which individuals and groups clean up litter on their local streets, parks and neighborhoods.

In 2010, over 4 and a half metric tons of garbage was collected, bagged and  picked up in an effort to keep our region clean. Pitch-In Kingston is part of the nationwide PITCH-IN CANADA. This year, Kingston’s ninth annual Pitch-In Day was held on April 23rd.

For the past several years Eikon has sponsored the event and staff have participated in the clean-up efforts.


Humane Society

We often receive product that has a damaged package or just doesn’t live up to our QC standards. Rather than toss it in the trash we collect up all of our damaged product and donate it to a couple of Humane Societies in our area.

The Humane Society works to protect animals and the Gananoque Humane Society is a no-kill shelter. Either through donated product or staff volunteering, we support the following local Humane Societies:

Weekend to End Breast Cancer

The weekend to end Breast Cancer is a 60 km weekend-long walk, held in major cities across Canada. For the past couple of years Eikon has sponsored a staff member that completed the walk successfully in Ottawa. At 32 km a day (or 20 miles) – that’s dedication to a cause!

Eikon Softball Team

Eikon Softball Team - Green Monsters

For the past three years Eikon has entered a team in our local softball league. Our team name is “The Green Monsters” and although we don’t win a lot of games, it’s a lot of fun.


Eikon Golf Tournament

We started the Eikon Golf Tournament for staff a couple of years ago. Along with the Halloween fun we plan every year, it’s one of our most popular events. Last year 20 staff members turned out to play golf on a sunny Saturday in late September. Looks like it will become an annual event.