Buy 1 or more boxes of Needles or Cartridges and Save 13% off Bandaging

From March 20th thru March 31st 

If you're buying Needles or Cartridges, you will get 13% off ALL products in the Absorbent Pads, Bandages and Tape & Bandage Retainer sections of the site, so add some to your order!
OR if you are buying Absorbent Pads, Bandages and Tape & Bandage Retainer add a box of Needles or Catridges to your order to get the discount too!
Simply add the item to your cart and the discount will be applied to your order!
Buy 1 or More Boxes of the Following:
  • Cheyenne Craft Cartridges
  • Cheyenne Safety Cartridges
  • Black Box Needles
  • Hydra Needles
Save 13% on ALL of the Following Products
  • 3M Tapes
  • Autoclave Scissors
  • Dynarex Tapes & Bandage Retainers
  • Dynarex Non-Adherent Pads
  • Hypafix Tapes & Bandages
  • TatuDerm
  • Saniderm
  • Skinlock
  • UZ Pads

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