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Standard vs. Premium Eikon Tattoo Gloves

Standard vs. Premium Eikon Tattoo Gloves

February 1, 2020   |   By The Eikon Team

Artists are constantly asking us about the differences between Eikon Standard, and Eikon Premium disposable nitrile tattoo gloves. Let's have a closer look...

Eikon Standard Tattoo Gloves

We designed it with the industry standards for comfort and protection - so we named them "Standard" - simple. The thin, 4.0 mil latex-free black nitrile used to make our Standard Tattooing gloves, actually provides superior comfort without sacrificing your protection. Eikon Standard comes equipped with textured fingertips to provide excellent grip and control. This makes it easier to handle small items like needlebars and jewellery.

Why choose Eikon Standard? If you're looking for a black tattoo nitrile glove that delivers the highest level of comfort and dexterity, without sacrificing protection - look no further.

Eikon Standard Nitrile Tattoo Gloves
Eikon Standard Tattoo Gloves

Eikon Premium Tattoo Gloves

It offers artists even better protection than our Standard gloves, plus added comfort compared to other glove brands in the same class. Our Eikon Premium Tattoo Gloves are made with 5.3 mil which is 30% thicker than the standard yet it delivers the same strength and puncture resistance of thicker 6.0mil nitrile gloves. Combined with the fully textured grip (palm and fingers) it prevents slippage, even through pigment, glides and plasma.

How did we do it?

We leveraged the latest manufacturing technology designed for exactly this purpose.

Why did we do it?

To provide you with the durable latex-free protection you asked for while keeping your hands as comfortable as possible.

Why choose Eikon Premium?

If you want a higher level of puncture resistance and protection, but aren't satisfied with the comfort provided by other brands, try our Premium black nitrile gloves, you won't be disappointed.

Eikon Premium Nitrile Tattoo Gloves
Eikon Premium Tattoo Gloves

100 Glove Guarantee

Still undecided? We're so confident that you'll love our Eikon Standard and Eikon Premium nitrile gloves we're offering a 100-glove guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your first box of Eikon Tattoo Gloves, just tell us why, and we’ll issue you a credit for the opened box.

The Eikon Team

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