Bishop Rotary Machine

Fantom - Polished Black

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Bishop Rotary Machine

The Bishop Fantom Rotary machine is a cartridge specific machine that was designed to feel nearly weighless in your hands. At just over 1.7oz it is similar in weight to a paintbrush allowing artists to work for hours with little to no hand cramping.
 The Bishop Fantom has a flat motor design, meaning similar to a pen-style  machine its balance is directly over your needle and grip. This machine is compatable with all cartridge gips and includes intechangable  plunger bars which are compatible with all grip sizes, including all click grips. Each Fantom machine ships with a Bishop RCA cord.
Product Features
  •  Weighs 1.7 ounces 
  •  Perfectly balanced
  • 3.5mm Cam
  •  RCA only 
  •  Custom Medical grade 5w motor
  •  Cartridge machine
  •  Aircraft aluminum 
  •  Comes with plunger bars for all size grips 
  •  One year manufactures warranty on all parts
  •  Made in the USA
  •  No lubrication required
Voltage Suggestions
  • between 8 – 10 volts
Please note that the Fantom Grip is sold separately.

Item available in North America only. Why?
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Polished Black
$610.00 (CAD)