Symbeos Cushion Slide

$45.00 (CAD)

Symbeos Cushion Slide

The adjustable Symbeos Cushion Slide allows you to control your give from soft to medium to hard by swapping elastomer inserts. Great for lining!

SYMBEOS is Artist Approved - read their testimonials by clicking through to our microsite.

  • Durable, lightweight and highest quality components.

  • Adjustable slide constructed from wear-resistant Delrin.

  • Perfect adjustable gives for line work, and fast hand shading.

  • Swap out the elastomer inserts on the Cushion Slide to adjust your machine’s give;

    • Blue Elastomer = Soft Give

    • Red Elastomer = Medium Give

    • Black Elastomer = Hard Give

  • Interchangeable with all Symbeos Machine Parts so you can easily assemble any other Symbeos Machine configuration you prefer!

Click to see our How-To Video on Changing the Slide on your Symbeos Machine.

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$45.00 (CAD)