Symbeos Pivot Slide

$45.00 (CAD)

Symbeos Pivot Slide

The adjustable Symbeos Pivot Slide allows you to control the amount of give from soft to medium with an easy twist of the silver thumbscrew, a quarter turn at a time. Great for shading and color blending!

Don’t want to fiddle with the slide's thumbscrew? Check out our Cushion Slide.

SYMBEOS is Artist Approved - read their testimonials by clicking through to our microsite.

  • Durable, lightweight and highest quality components.

  • Adjustable slide constructed from wear-resistant Delrin.

  • Perfectly adjustable gives for slow or fast hand shading, and color blending.

  • Soft to medium give with a twist of the thumbscrew, a quarter turn at a time.

  • Interchangeable with all Symbeos Machine Parts so you can easily assemble any other Symbeos Machine configuration you prefer!

Click the link to see our How-To Video on Changing the Slide on your Symbeos Machine.

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$45.00 (CAD)