Tru-Spring Low Lift Armature Bar

Heavy Weight - Regular Length

$6.75 (CAD)

Tru-Spring Low Lift Armature Bar

This is the heaviest Tru-Spring armature bar in the series. It's designed to slow the machine down without having to increase the point gap.

The Tru-Spring Armature Bar system of spring mounting ensures consistency in spring angle of deflection and eliminates all spring bending. Makes changing to thicker or thinner springs quick and accurate. Maximizes spring performance and exerts exact front and back spring pressure on the contact points of the machine.

There are two series of Tru-Spring armature bars - high-lift and low-lift. High-lift Tru-Spring armature bars are best for all long stroke set-ups, and short stroke set-ups with high compression. Low-lift Tru-Spring armature bars are best for short stroke set-ups with low compression.

All Tru-Spring armature bars are precision machined from 1018 low carbon steel with a rust resistant black oxide finish. Bars come complete with #8-32 screws and washers installed. Available in two lengths: regular and long. Specify low-lift or high-lift when ordering. Made in Canada

IMPORTANT: Tru-Spring armature bars will not fit on some cut-back style machine frames. To determine if a Tru-Spring armature bar will fit on a machine, measure from the contact points to the center of the back spring mounting screw. If this measurement is 1 7/8"; (48 mm) or over, a Tru-Spring armature bar and springs will fit on that machine.

  • Easily control speed and force
  • Fast and consistent spring changes
  • Maximized spring performance
  • Regular or Long Length
  • 1018 low carbon steel
  • Black oxide finish
  • 8-32 x 3/16" spring mounting screws

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