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A3 Thermal Copier by Panenka

Cat # 2373   A3 Thermal Copier by Panenka

Panenka A3 Thermal Copier is a larger, heavier stencil machine built with a 12 inch wide inner belt, making it easier to feed longer carrier sheets. The A3 produces a clear, crisp stencil and meet the stencil-making demands of the busiest shop. All Panenka copiers are made in Germany and built to produce 50,000 stencils in their lifetime.

Carrier sheets should always be used when making transfers, this will keep the inner parts of the machine clean. The A3 thermal copier comes with one clear, high resolution carrier sheet.

  • Maximum carrier width: 16.5 inch.
  • Quickly and easily transfers printed or hand drawn art.
  • Dial in the heat settings allows for detailed stencils.
  • Dual fan cooling and temp sensor; automatic protection from overheating.
  • Manual feed switch.
  • 1-year Warranty.

Note: Only use carrier sheets designed for this copier.

Important: This product is shipped with transportation locks. Please remove the transportation locks before use, failure to do so can cause damage to the copier that is NOT covered by the warranty.

Eikon is an authorized A3 and A4 thermal copier repair centre. Our in-house technicians can service and support your copier for the life of your unit.

About Panenka Design:

Panenka thermal copiers are the industry standard and have been keep busy shops running for years.

  • Overall size: 4 3/4 inch; x 11 3/4 inch x 20 1/2 inch.
  • Weight: 20 lb.
  • Voltage: 115v.
  • Section: Thermal Copier
  • Product Availability: Out of Stock

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Last ordered July 7, 2014

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