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ArtDriver Stainless Steel Cartridge Grip

Cat # 4342   ArtDriver Stainless Steel Cartridge Grip

The ArtDriver Stainless Steel autoclavable Cartridge Grip includes a spring loaded adjustable anti-rotation system ensuring precise needle depth adjustment that won't slip while you work.

Made in Spain

About ArtDriver:

ArtDriver offers high quality machines handicrafts with close attention to detail. ArtDriver machines are designed with the aim of breaking the limits of the artist.

Key Features:

  • 1" threaded Grip (25mm)
  • 5.9oz (170 grams)
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Adjustable Anti-Rotation System
  • Autoclavable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Configuration: Autoclavable Grip
  • Color: Gray
  • Section: Cartridge Grips
  • Grip Size: 1 inch

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Last ordered July 7, 2014

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