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B-Safe Spore Test Kit

Cat # 2088-12   B-Safe Spore Test Kit

The B-Safe Spore Test from Germiphene provides a fast, easy and accurate sterilizer monitoring program. Each test consists of two test spore-strips, one control spore-strip, a simple questionnaire, and a self-addressed envelope (postage required).

  • 7 day analysis.
  • Test results in as little as 24hrs (after testing begins).
  • Trained and qualified lab personnel conduct test procedures and analyze results.
  • Final results will be mailed back to the shop.

Available in: Individual spore test kits and packages of 12

Note Spore testing available in North America ONLY.

About Germiphene:

Since 1952, Germiphene has set a standard of excellence in the manufacture and distribution of products for the health care industry, specializing in dental. We are not a large dealer that stocks thousands of products, but we stock a unique product mix containing the right specialists and professionals to provide quality and value versus quantity.

  • Ensure your sterilizer is functioning properly
  • Meets your local Health Department’s health & safety requirements
  • Trained and qualified lab personnel conduct test procedures and analyze results
  • Test results are available as early as 24 hours after testing begins
  • Section: Sterilization
  • Configuration: Spore Test

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