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Bishop Power Wand - Liner - Full Set

Cat # 4757-L   Bishop Power Wand - Liner - Full Set

The Bishop Power Wand™ Liner is the first pen machine equipped with a 5.0mm stroke. Combine that with a powerful brushless motor designed specifically for more torque and speed, and you have a "saturating beast" of a liner.

The Power series of Wands all come equipped with a 360 degree magnetic backplate that allows the Bishop x Critical batteries to sit flush on the machine at any angle and be quickly swapped out with a standard RCA backing when needed.

Each Power Wand set comes with:

1x Power Wand
1x Bishop x Critical Long Battery Pack (1500 mAh)
1x Bishop x Critical Shorty Battery Pack (800mAh)
1x Power Wand RCA Adapter
1x 7ft RCA Cord (Grey)
1x Critical Universal Battery Dock (2 battery slots)
1x Carrying case

Insider tip: After powering up, it will take approximately 5 seconds for the initial battery life to display accurately. You may also notice the battery life increases/drops while pausing during a session – this is the battery recalibrating during use.

Machine Features:

Body: Aircraft aluminum
Motor: Brushless Faulhaber with Custom Winding
Weight: 4.0oz (113g)
Length: 3.74 inch
Grip: 1.18 inch (29.9mm)
Stroke: 4.2mm
Needle Depth:
Connection: Interchangeable RCA and Bishop x Critical Battery
Recommended voltage:

Bishop x Critical Battery Features:*

Bishop x Critical Shorty
Running Time:**5+ hours*
**Charge time:

Weight: 1.5 oz
Voltage Range: 4.5-13 volts
Voltage Display: OLED Display
Connection Type: Magnetic

Bishop x Critical Long
Running Time: 10 hours
Charge Time:
Weight: 2.0 oz
Voltage Range: 4.5v – 13v
Voltage Display: OLED Display
Connection Type: Magnetic

Made in the USA

About Bishop Rotary:

When you believe in yourself, that’s when your inner genius comes out. And that’s why Franco Vescovi created Bishop in 2008. A tattoo artist with 25 years in the industry, Franco is obsessed with creating advanced products that truly help tattoo artists perform at their highest potential

  • Configuration: Wireless
  • Section: Rotary Machines
  • Color: Black

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