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Breakfast Club

Cat # 4222   Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club book features 30 sheets of flash by breakfast club members Mike Giant, Paul Dobleman, Matt Howse, Derick Montez and Mary Joy! Perfect for shop flash, or just to look at.

  • 30 pages
  • Hardcover

Here is how this book came together:

"We showed up at breakfast one day with five painted sheets design only on each hand stained watercolor paper. Then we traded the sheets, and added to the sets in a rotation. It was like a game of telephone. The sheets took on a life of their own, each one developing a personality or a theme that was often unexpected, sometimes funny and always satisfying. Our styles merged together seemingly of their own accord...just as the personalities did at the breakfast table. There is a harmony here that is a direct outgrowth of our friendship. Each piece of flash includes one design from each."

  • Section: Book
  • Product Availability: In Stock

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