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Cheyenne Power Supply - PU II

Cat # 4060   Cheyenne Power Supply - PU II

The Cheyenne Hawk PU-2 Power Supply was designed to start up and power the complete line of Cheyenne Hawk machines.

PU-2 power supplies do not supply voltage readings but instead allows you to easily adjust and regulate your machine's stroke frequency, from anywhere between 60 to 160 strokes per second. The digital, touch-screen front along with its compact size make the PU-1 ideal for your shop or life on the road. A built-in starter cable chip makes it possible to easily get your Hawk machine running at 4-6V.

The Cheyenne PU-2 is equipped with two outputs allowing you to run up to two Cheynne Hawk tattoo machines.

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Note: Cheyenne Hawk power supplies do NOT require the use of a footswitch, but are compatible with the Cheyenne Hawk Footswitch

About Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment:

Cheyenne developes professional tattoo equipment according to the highest German standards in product quality.

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  • Configuration: Power Supply

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