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Earthlite Avalon Protective Bed Cover

Cat # 4517   Earthlite Avalon Protective Bed Cover

Protect the life of your table with a Professional Table Cover for TILT Tops by EarthLite. These covers are designed to fit 30" tilt top portable and stationary tables like the EarthLite Avalon XD. Ultra-durable, this 2 piece cover will give you years of trouble-free and convenient use. SnugFit™ elastic corners keep the cover securely in place, while the double-stitched water-resistant upholstery provides strength and reliability.


  • 2 Piece Cover
  • Ultra-durable, water-resistant Natursoft™ Vinyl upholstery
  • SnugFit™ Elastic Corners
  • Features face cradle holes on both ends
  • Tilt version is designed to fit round and squared corner tables

About EarthLite

EarthLite is the World's #1 Brand in Massage! Earthlite uses no rainforest hardwoods. They use Canadian hard maple for their table legs and braces, and Baltic birch plywood for their table tops, both of which are farmed and renewable wood sources. In addition, you will see a respect for nature in the water-based lacquer, environmentally friendly foam, and vinyl used on their products.

  • Section: Tattoo Beds
  • Configuration: Beds

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