Eikon Binding Post - Top round - #6 Contact Screw | Eikon
Eikon Binding Post - Top round - #6 Contact Screw

Cat # 1780   Eikon Binding Post - Top round - #6 Contact Screw

Eikon Round Series Top #6 Contact Binding Posts are precision-machined round along part of the post, leaving a section of brass hex shape stock intact. This feature allows for a better tool connection. A black nylon set screw binds the #6 (6/32 inch) silicone brass contact point screw in place without causing damage to the threads.

All Binding Posts are precision machined from brass stock and come with a button head screw, mounting hardware and installation instructions.

Made in Canada

About Eikon:

Eikon Device was started in 1994, working out of a small garage, manufacturing the first needle specifically designed to meet the needs of tattoo artists. That started a 21 year odyssey of research and development that has seen many advancements in tattoo equipment including four generations of Eikon meter/power supplies, and the Tru-Spring Armature Bar system.

  • Section: Coil Tattoo Machine Parts
  • Configuration: Binding Post

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