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Eikon Green Monster - Liner

Cat # 3849-2   Eikon Green Monster - Liner

Eikon’s Green Monster™ Liner excels at pushing configurations from 7 Round Liners to 14 Liners. This machine is fitted with a pair of our hand-wound, 8-Wrap Crown Standard 1.25 inch coils, and a 22uF pre-soldered capacitor for easy adjustments. A lightweight Tru-Spring® High-Lift armature bar ensure this machine runs really fast with a shorter stroke for moving quickly and efficiently through the skin.

Each Green Monster comes fitted with Eikon quality hardware including Eikon Tru-Spring armature bars and springs as well as Eikon Crown Standard (hand wrapped) coils with pre-soldered capacitors for easy adjustments. The body is milled and ground to tight tolerances and the coils have been shifted forward making it even more reliable and efficient than the original. Final set-up and hand tuning on each machine is done by Mack Bregg, a 30-year veteran of tattooing and machine-building.

  • Body: Steel
  • Tuning: Liner
  • Weight: 8.0oz (227g)
  • Connection: Clipcord
  • Warranty: 1 year

Designed, developed and manufactured by Eikon in Canada.

About Eikon:

Eikon has been a trusted name in tattoo equipment since 1994. We design and manufacture power supplies, tattoo machines, needles, and tubes with artists' needs in mind. We strive to help shape the industry through our research, technical innovations, and commitment to quality and service.

  • Tuning Style: Liner
  • Color: Black
  • Section: Coil Tattoo Machines

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Going to get another set for spares , totally love these machines

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Nice product. Runs smooth and lays clean lines. Will definitely get another backup.

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