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Eikon Griffin Tubes - 1 1/4 inch - Diamond Tip - 03

Cat # 3118-D03   Eikon Griffin Tubes - 1 1/4 inch - Diamond Tip - 03

Griffin™ 03 DIAMOND Tip Disposable Tubes have a 1.25 inch patented latex free rubber grip. Ergonomically designed and textured so they will not slip while you work. The soft rubber absorbs vibration helping prevent hand fatigue so you can tattoo longer.

  • 1.25 inch diameter grip.
  • Ergonomic textured grip.
  • White stem and tip for easier color identification.
  • 36 Configurations available.
  • Box of 15.

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About Eikon:

Eikon Device was started in 1994, working out of a small garage, manufacturing the first needle specifically designed to meet the needs of tattoo artists. That started a 21 year odyssey of research and development that has seen many advancements in tattoo equipment including four generations of Eikon meter/power supplies, and the Tru-Spring Armature Bar system.

  • Configuration: Diamond Tip
  • Needle Count: 03
  • Section: Disposable Tubes
  • Grip Size: 1 1/4 inch
  • Quantity: QTY 15

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