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EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash - 473 ml - QTY 6

Cat # 4177-CS   EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash - 473 ml - QTY 6

EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash is a cleansing and rinse solution that can be used before, and during the tattoo process, right through to aftercare. Available in 473ml bottles that double as a wash bottle (they even fit a Nalgene spigot and cap). EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash is the perfect addition to your tattoo process.

Before: Wipe down the skin with EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash prior to stenciling to help remove dirt and debris without the use of alcohol or chemicals, which can sting, and irritate the skin.

During: Replace your green soap with EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash while tattooing to help calm and control redness and swelling, promoting better color saturation, colour retention and a better overall heal.

After: EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash can be used to calm redness allowing you to get a great photo prior to bandaging. EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash can also be sold to your clients for use as part of their daily wash and cleanse, to soothe and moisten skin and promote healing.

If you liked Electrasyn, you're going to love EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash


  • 473ml (16oz) bottle.
  • One bottle multiple-uses (cleanser - rinse - aftercare all in one).
  • PH-neutral, Non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritating.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe.
  • Bottle is easily bagged and was designed to fit Nalgene rinse spigots
  • Freezing or diluting EnviroNize Natural Cleansing Wash will diminish shelf life and the products effectiveness.
  • 1 year shelf life.

About EnviroNize

EnviroNize makes the most advanced Industrial Water Ionizers in the world, and with them have created a line of "Ready to Use" disinfectants and sanitizers that are Health Canada approved and DIN registered.

  • Section: Soap / Skin Prep
  • Quantity: QTY 6
  • Volume: 473 ml
  • Product Availability: In Stock

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J'étais une fan de electrasyn et je ne pouvais attendre le prochain remplacement de ce produit. Un excellent passe partout pour préparé la peau , nettoyer durant le tatouage et aussi appliquer en compresse lors d'une pause. Il aide vraiment a réduire la rougeur et une fois le tatouage terminé les couleurs sont très vibrante et le noir profond. J'en ajoute même un petite goute a mes encrier :)

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