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Eternal Ink - Bryan Sanchez M Signature Series - 1 oz

Cat # 4192   Eternal Ink - Bryan Sanchez M Signature Series - 1 oz

Bryan Sánchez M. has perfected a tattoo style that exhibits all the fluid grace of watercolor art. Working with Eternal Ink, Sánchez selected 12 extraordinary colors that smoothly transition from hue to hue without losing any of their bold, dynamic impact. Although each hue is based on an existing color, Eternal Ink has reformulated and mixed this set of inks to a thinner, more fluid watercolor consistency.

12 Color Bryan Sanchez set includes:
Avacado, Bermuda Blue, Bright Orange, Cotton Candy, Deep Sea, Exhaust, Light Purple, Ruby Red, Snowflake, Soid Gold, Tangerine, Turquoise Concentrate

  • Series: Bryan Sanchez Watercolor Signature Series
  • Available Sizes: 1oz
  • Made In: USA

About Eternal

Eternal Ink is a water-based pigment that uses organic, vegan-friendly, non-toxic ingredients.
Eternal Ink offers the largest selection of the brightest colors the market. Colors have been consistently created over the years to capture a wide diversity of intensities and values on the color wheel.

For MSDS Information on Eternal Inks, Click here

We do our best to provide high quality photos of each color, but every computer has its own personality, so please note colors may vary slightly from screen to screen.

  • : Single Bottles
  • Section: By the Set
  • Volume: 1 oz
  • Volume: 1 oz

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