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FK Irons Spektra Flux with PowerBolt

Cat # 4484   FK Irons Spektra Flux with PowerBolt

The Spektra Flux is the first wireless machine from Gaston and the team at FK Irons. The Flux is a lightweight, three-part machine consisting of a PowerBolt (removable Li-Ion rechargeable battery), a powerful 9-watt brushless motor and an autoclavable 1.3" grip. Flux is designed with a 4mm stroke to line and color better.

This Combo comes with 2x PowerBolts

LED Voltage Indicators allow you to quickly and easily adjust between full and half volt increments, and the built-in Bluetooth capability allows you to pair your Flux with the Darklab wireless footswitch (coming soon).

  • Body: Anodized aluminum
  • Motor: Brushless 9 watt motor
  • Weight: 6.3oz (178g)
  • Length:4.9"(125mm)
  • Grip: 1.3 inch (33mm)
  • Stroke: 4mm
  • Needle Depth: 0-7.0mm
  • Connection:RCA
  • Recommended voltage: 4.0-9.5v

PowerBolt Battery Supply

The detachable PowerBolt battery supply is the brain and power supply of the Spektra Flux machine. For additional peace of mind, two are better than one–especially for travelling artists or those who want to keep a backup handy during long sessions when the battery is running low. PowerBolt attaches and detaches from the Flux quickly and easily with a quick quarter-turn. Recharge as needed by plugging it into a USB-C cable, the same as you would use for an iPad or smartphone.

  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours of life per battery with only 1.5 hours of charging time
  • USB-C port: Charge with any standard USB-C cord.
  • LED Indicator: for operating voltage and battery life

Manufactured in the USA

About FK Irons

FK Irons (Fallen King Irons) Started with a couple of unknown tattoo artists building machines for friends in 2002. The start was very humble and straight forward. With little budget, stuck in a garage for hours, Gaston Siciliano (CEO) crafted his first creations.

Key Features:

Body: Anodized aluminum

Motor: Brushless 9 watt motor

Weight: 6.3oz (178g)

Length: 4.9"(125mm)

Grip: 1.3 inch (33mm)

Stroke: 4mm

Needle Depth: 0-7.0mm

Connection: RCA

Recommended voltage: 4.0-9.5v

  • Section: Pen Machines
  • Configuration: Wireless

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