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Fusion Ink - 60 Color Set

Cat # 3408   Fusion Ink - 60 Color Set - 2 oz

Fusion Ink's 60-color set includes all of the original colors developed by Fusion Ink. Fusion Ink has a much higher pigment load, which creates saturated colors that outperform the average ink.

Fusion 60 Color Sets Include:
Really Red, Power Green, Power Brown, Golden Yellow, Brick Red, Royal Blue, Brown, Mandarin Orange, Melon Red, Light Blue, Light Flesh, Icy Blue, Tangelo, Power Blue, Dark Flesh, Cantaloupe, Orange, Flaming Pink, Butterscotch, Wild Lavender, Atomic Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink, Hot Mustard, Blue Sky, Mixing Yellow, Saigon Pink, Mixing White, Spring Green, Emerald Green, Deep Purple, Tahitian Teal, Fuschia, Gamma Green, Burnt Sienna, Foundation Flesh, Mauve, Moss Green, True Blood Red, Pretty Purple, Turquoise Concentrate, Pomegranate, Artichoke, Basic Black, Hazelnut, Leafy Green, Periwinkle, Power Black, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Power Purple, Bomber Gray, Cornflower, Turquoise, Dark Magenta, White, Purple Heart, Cool Mint, Magenta, Key Lime, Primrose

  • Series: 60-color set
  • Available Sizes: 1oz and 2oz
  • Made In: USA

About Fusion

Fusion Ink has a much higher pigment load, resulting in saturated colors that outperform the average ink. Manufactured using organic pigments and ingredients that are completely vegan safe. Once you try Fusion, you will see and feel the difference in quality.

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We do our best to provide high quality photos of each color, but every computer has its own personality, so please note colors may vary slightly from screen to screen.

  • : Single Bottles
  • Section: By the Set
  • Volume: 1 oz
  • Volume: 1 oz

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