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Gagne - Lumen 2.0 - LED Lightbox - 18 x 24 inch

Cat # 4313   Gagne - Lumen 2.0 - LED Lightbox - 18 x 24 inch

Ultra-thin, lightweight, and bright… with no frame… it's perfect for a traditional light box or for display purposes.

The New Gagne Lumen 2.0 light boxes uses embedded LEDs to push light across the unit, allowing for Ultra-Slim design at ½” thickness and no hot spots. Light emanates from the edges causing an attractive halo effect that makes this light box great for POP and display purposes.
Eco-friendly LED technology is rated for 50,000 hours, emits very little heat, and saves on energy consumption.

  • Lightweight adapter is direct pigtail-wired to unit. No switch.
  • Removable acrylic face allows for media to be inserted into unit for display/tracing purposes.
  • Components are CE, RoHS allowing the light box to be used in any country
  • Color Temperature: Bright White LED, 6-7000K, 100/240Vac, .50/60Hz
  • Standard border is Black.

Available in the following sizes: 8.5” × 11", 11" × 18" and 18” x 24"

Gagne Lumen 2.0 6-hour Battery sold separately.

Custom colours are available by special order - please Contact Customer Services for more details.

Made in USA

About Gagne Inc.:

Diversified manufacturer and marketer of light boxes, light tables, projectors, bellows, bladders, waycovers, conveyor belt equipment, custom assemblies, couplings, acrylic displays, plastic fabrication, industrial woodworking, and industrial sewing.

  • Section: Light Boxes
  • Configuration: LED Lightbox
  • Dimensions: 18 x 24 inch

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Last ordered July 7, 2014

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