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Gagne Replacement Bulb - 11 x 18 in model

Cat # 2520   Gagne Replacement Bulb - 11 x 18 in model

Replacement bulb for Gagne 11 inch x 18 inch Porta-Trace Light Box. The non-LED Gagne light boxes have been discontinued but we still supply replacement bulbs for those artists who use them.

  • 11 inch x 18 inch bulb.

Made in Japan.

About Gagne Inc.:

Diversified manufacturer and marketer of light boxes, light tables, projectors, bellows, bladders, waycovers, conveyor belt equipment, custom assemblies, couplings, acrylic displays, plastic fabrication, industrial woodworking, and industrial sewing.

  • 5000K color-corrected fluorescent illumination
  • Hitachi brand
  • 8 watts
  • Made In Japan
  • Section: Light Boxes

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Last ordered July 7, 2014

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