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Hustle Butter CBD Luxe - 30 ml

Cat # 4395   Hustle Butter CBD Luxe - 30 ml

Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe™ is made from pure CBD and cannabinoid isolates. This topical CBD cream soothes, nourishes, moisturizes and conditions the skin. The anti-inflammatory nature of CBD Luxe makes it great for pain relief. Certified vegan, this all-natural cream is skin calming, provides muscle comfort and restores vitality.

  • 30ml (1oz) tub
  • Contains 100mg CBD isolate (Made from USA-grown hemp)
  • Will not remove stencils
  • Keeps skin workable
  • Cruelty-free and certified vegan
  • Petroleum-free, Paraben-free
  • All-natural

About Hustle Butter:

Hustle Butter developed the first all-natural, vegan petroleum-replacement used in the tattoo process. Hustle Butter has shipped over 2 million ounces of Hustle Butter Deluxe® worldwide. Labeled in English, German and Italian.

  • Section: Ointments / Glides
  • Volume: 30 ml

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