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Neewer Magic Arm - Adjustable Arm and Clamp - 7 inch

Cat # 4398   Neewer Magic Arm - Adjustable Arm and Clamp - 7 inch

The Neewer Articulating Magic Arm and Clamp is the perfect mount for your ES500. Made of durable aluminum alloy, it resists corrosion and abrasion to ensure operational longevity. With one knob for locking all positions, it’s easy to mount, place and adjust.

The articulating Magic Arm features an adjustable swivel ball head that can rotate 360 degrees. It was designed with standard 1/4-screws on both ends to allow multi-angle adjustments.

The removable Super Clamp has an anti-slip rubber pad inside to increase friction and reduce potential damage to surfaces, while still providing stability.

  • Magic Arm: 7.44inches/18.9 centimeters length
  • Max load capacity: 6.6 Pounds
  • Super Clamp: Max. 2.25 inches/57mm diameter
  • Section: Accessories
  • Dimensions: 7 inch

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Last ordered July 7, 2014

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